Keynote disappointment

wow, nice keynote. But…

no iPads (pro) and especially no Macs!
makes sense from a sales perspective maybe, but for me: I’ve not been this disappointed in years in an apple keynote. feels very weird


I think there will be an October event for those.

I’m already missing Touch Id and 3D touch on the phones. May keep my 8+ for another year just for those reasons.


Really? No iPads? I was SO ready to get the refreshed 12.9 Pro… Disappointing indeed.

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I really wanted a new Mac Mini or new MacBook Air. And what happened to the AirPower? All we got is a faster iPhone X and a fatter Apple Watch.

As far as iPhone keynotes go this one wasn’t bad. I was hoping for more hardware but serious…they’d need 2 hours for phones, pads and computers.

New Macs they could just do via press release, but if the iPads get the rumored bezel-less design, I’d bet on some sort of event for those.

The XS gets 3D Touch. It’s only the XR that’s not going to have it (this year anyway).

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Note sure when it happened, but the iPhone SE has gone away. I still think it’s a nice size, especially since I have an iPad and MBP. I just don’t need a giant phone.


I agree. An iPhone Xse would’ve looked great alongside the Xs and the Xs Max.

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No reason to have really expected them at this keynote. Most of Apple’s sales are from iPhones and they rarely dilute the message they get with the free advertising from keynotes like these by introducing too many products.

You’ll see new Macs and iPads in a month.


Yea after the 9to5 post I didn’t expect anything else at this event. But looking forward to next month! Currently computer free right now so looking to see what’s new… just in time for the holiday season. =)

Once they realized, for whatever reason, that they couldn’t gear up new Macbook production in time for back-to-school purchases - and given the spotlight they wanted to put on the new iPhones with their introduction - the pressure was off to release Macs until October.

Apple will be spending the next few weeks stoking interest in the new iPhones and Watch via ads, news articles and selective product seeding, leading up to next week’s preorders and leading up to the 10/19 iPhone XR preorders. With October 19th being a Friday, and Apple seeming to prefer to announce products on a Tuesday, I’ll take a guess that new Macs and iPads (and maybe the AirPower) will be revealed on Tuesday, October 23rd.

That’s good, I missed that. Thanks!

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It was a good announcement, but not exciting like in the old days.

There’s nothing wrong with good but not exciting.

But I’m reminded of something the analyst Rob Enderle said, when Steve Jobs was sick. He said Apple after Jobs would be less interesting. It would be more like other computer companies.

Note that I’m not criticizing Apple here. They get my money every year or two and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I’m a satisfied Apple customer. And yet…

Apple is still the best product out there, but it’s been a while since they created a new category instead of improving on an existing one.

I’d argue that Apple has never created a new category. The big, innovative Apple devices have always been ones that are so good they redefine an existing category and dominate the way people think about that category going forward.

Apple has had more of these category-defining devices than any other tech company, but even they’ve only had about six of them (my list would be the Apple I/II, Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch). It’s not something that happens every day.

Oh bo who we don’t have the next big thing yet. The leaps have come from how humans interact with tech. Apple brought tech from geeks to mere mortals with Mouse/GUI, multitouch, were kinda using voice now but it still stinks. It’s like capacitive touch screens vs multitouch. I’m waiting the next big change here. Or vr or whatever is next.

I’m another fan of the iPhone SE who is very sad that Apple seems to be abandoning the small form factor again. I remember holding on to my iPhone 5 until the battery was almost dead to avoid jumping up into the iPhone 6 or 6S size class and then feeling saved by the iPhone SE coming out. I’m already wondering if I maybe want to spring for a battery update in the fourth quarter of this year to see how long I can hold on to this phone, which is the perfect size for slipping in to pants or shirt pockets. Does everyone who works at Apple use phone holsters or wear pants with enormous pockets?

I wasn’t overly excited about this year’s announcements… The watch updates are nice, but aside from the new/bigger display, the fall detection and EKG seem to be a bit more niche features. The iPhone Xs was a minimal upgrade at best. No side updates like info on AirPower or updated AirPods. I understand its an “s” year, but the improvements were still fairly tame at that.

I can understand saying this about the iPhone X to Xs update, but “the phones” in general? We’ve got the biggest screen iPhone ever in the Xs Max and the new iPhone XR, which brings most of the iPhone X features to a much lower price point (not to mention the second biggest iPhone screen ever).

Now,​ these phones may not be your cup of tea (they aren’t mine), but I don’t see dismissing them as “minimal upgrades”.

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Good point, I suppose I had the Xs in mind (as that’s what I’m still ultimately going to go with, upgrading from a 7). I probably shouldn’t have lumped all the phones into that general statement… I will edit my post accordingly.

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