"Kick the Tires" of Monterey for 4 Weeks? Fast Charge?

I have two simple questions, especially for those who have been running the beta of Monterey.

My 14" M1 Max is scheduled to deliver Nov. 11-18. Once it arrives, I’ll repurpose my current 13" M1 to my EA. Monterey releases on Monday. I’d like to “kick the tires” of Monterey on my current M1 while waiting for the new MBP. This means I’ll need to install Monterey and use it for ~ 4 weeks only to erase the laptop before handing it over to my EA. Not a lot of work so my question is for those running the beta of Monterey; have you run into any significant issues that are likely to materially disrupt my work?

Second question, if I want fast charging for the new MBP, do I need to order a different charger than the one that is supplied with the new MBP?

This might be helpful: