Kourosh Dini cuts the price of Being Productive

A while back, Kourosh Dini raised the price of Being Productive from $49.95 to $247.

Today, he emailed customers to announce the price has been rolled back to $49.95. He also offers to refund the difference to anyone who paid the higher price. I think that is an amazingly honest and straight forward decision and offer.


So nice to see this kind of integrity. Such a rare sight in the “productivity” business!


Personally, I think Kourosh only raised the price in the first place because he was encouraged to do so by fans. I totally get it – the course is worth more than $50, and it was ultimately his decision to increase the price — but I am in full agreement that this was the “right move”. Bravo @Kourosh!


Will there be any value for a blind person to purchase this course?

I mean is there for the most video/visual content or enough text content to get value out of it?

Since the videos are only slides, you won’t be missing anything by sticking to the audio version that it includes.

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Interesting, now I got even more eager to buy it

The course also includes an audio-only version. As I recall, it isn’t divided into chapters, just a long file. (I could be misremembering though.)

The slides don’t have a lot of information, but are more to give people something to look at while he is talking.

I understand this is not a software centric course. So does it focus on pen and paper? Or general concepts of productivity?

They are general principles applicable to any tools you choose.