Lets talk about your favorite iOS apps on your M1 Mac

I encourage you to check out GV Connect. The developer is fantastic, pro-active, and very responsive to any issue. It also fully supports TextExpander (fill-in snippets for texts, yay!)…

This may be the perfect time to endorse using iMazing to back up your .ipa files (iOS apps) on your mac. That way, when app developers decide they don’t want you running their app on your mac and try to enforce it with an update, you can override their decision by installing the previous version that worked fine on your mac.

This is the way.

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I’ve been using GV Connect for ages. My Due Schedule Call shortcut relies on the fact that GV Connect has x-url-callback support, which the official GV app does not.

I would agree, the developer is great. I just installed the Voice app because I wanted to test its notifications under Big Sur.

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The same reason people would prefer a dedicated app for anything that has a web option. Sometimes even if you don’t get additional features, it’s nice to know “Oh that app does this particular thing.”

I use a dedicated app for Gmail and Fastmail and Slack and Zoom even though I technically could use all of them in a web browser.

Some of them also support PIP on iOS, which means you can have a floating window with video which isn’t always easy to do on the Mac in Safari.

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The earliest version I seem to have is “Netflix 13.9.0” and it self-terminates.

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so thats what they did. they put a killswitch into the update after 13.2

use iMazing so other devs of apps you use can’t do the same.

browsers are garbage when they pretend to be apps… I fire up the netflix app, resize the window to my desired viewing size and done. so much more efficient.

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Some iOS apps aren’t ideal on macOS.


I just bought Clicker for Netflix instead:

I’d rather support a developer writing an app that I want to use instead of installing an app for a different OS that doesn’t work as well as a Mac app would.

YMMV. To each their own.

As I learned the hard way with Rogue Amoeba’s Pulsar app for SiriusXM, sometimes it’s not a good investment to purchase an app from a dev that doesn’t control the content.

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Pulsar was retired in 2012. Not sure I can think of a lot of other examples, so I’m not sure I’d use that as a cautionary tale.

And each of the “Clicker” apps are under $10. They work well for me. As I said, to each their own.

and then there was my purchase of Pyrcast, the pandora app… that got yanked too. or Mr.Reader that got crushed when google killed their rss… There have been more than a few apps over the years. I hope Clicker works out for you. I may check it out if the Netflix app has issues.

I’m running the Discourse Hub app on my Air. It’s not terrible but I don’t see much, if any, advantage to using a web browser.

Maybe that’s because it wasn’t made with macOS in mind. :wink:

Try out Fig for Discourse.

This guy got it working on his Apple Silicon Mac.

Absolutely. This was more of a curiosity to explore and given the app in question and the topic, I thought I’d report that it does, in fact, work. I view the i(pad)OS on Macs thing a bonus and probably a work in progress :slight_smile:

(Fig was my next thing to try)

Does it work well on your Mac?

Dangerous? Why do you say that?

Time sink I’d imagine. It’s why it’s not installed on my phone.

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Is that why people say it is so good? :sweat_smile:

Bingo :slight_smile: It’s an amazing app for losing hours of ones time via scrolling.