Looking for a checklist app!

I’d like to create a series of checklists that are repeatable but I can’t seem to find an app to do it! Ideally, I want to have lists that I can check off items and then have them repeat! For example - I want a travel checklist that I can check off all the items I need and then easily recreate the list for the next time I need it! Any ideas!!??


I actually use Trello, great tool for checklists, and has the tool to clone cards when you need them, not sure if you can do it from Archieve, let me check that out real quick


I usually have these lists in Workflow and have them added to whichever tool is most appropriate for me as needed.

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Update, you cannot copy from archieves, but you can have a card far away, called “travel stuff” which you can copy every time! (Or you can uncheck it all in one fail swoop)

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That’s a great idea! Would I find that in your workflows section?

Nope, you can find it here though! Checklists.


You are a wizard! Thank you!

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I keep my checklists in Evernote. I get the note URL for each checklist and add the URL to launch centre pro so I can call them up real quick. Most of them are quick and simple 4 or 5 item checklists that I don’t actually tick off items. For those that I do check off, I am either ticking the boxes then next time unticking them, then ticking, unticking. Get what I mean? This works just fine but it would be nice to have a way to toggle all check boxes in a note.


I use Workflowy. All of my life’s lists are in it. I know it’s a web app and has a sparse interface, but features such as unlimited hirerarchies and zooming in and out at all levels are essential for me.

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Dynalist is very similar but has a bit more functionality as well, even on the free tier.

Dynalist by Dynalist Inc.

There is also ListPro

ListPro by Ilium Software, Inc.

that has good list functionality and filtering that is great for re-usable lists like packing lists.

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Workflow and Agenda are good. In the past I have tried clear app. Sometimes a simple text editor is also good. Thanks

I use Paperless (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id359564368?at=1000lwqL) for numerous lists including packing type lists. With this app, you can uncheck the list after you are done.

One way I might try to do this is make a list in Drafts that I can then tag and archive out of the way. Then every time I wanted to pull this list up, I’d use an action to move a copy over to Bear where I’d add my travel itinerary or links to any emails pertaining to my trip to the same note.

One way I do this is that I have a folder in Evernote called “lists” that has many of the ones I use regularly and then the “duplicate” or “copy to” function as needed into my project folders.

If you’re using Things and use Drafts at all, I created this action to take a pre-defined travel list (that you can edit) and send it over to Things into a project with headers. Rather than have it be a single task with checklists, I opted to have it be a project to see how far along in the packing I was at any given time.

This could be modified to create these checklist items you mentioned.


I am not sure if you are looking for yourself or to work with others. I recommend two to my clients regularly and use one in my own business. Check out www.process.st and www.manifest.ly These are both fantastic for workflow tracking and overall productivity.

AnyList is great! You can Uncross All Items to start your checklist over anytime you want.

I also used Paperless, nowadays I use Ikiru, which is the new app by the same company.
Ikiru by Crush Apps

It syncs using iCloud. That’s the main reason I never tried AnyList, they have their own syncing method.

I always wonder why no one seems interested in check list apps. To me they are different from a task manager and should be used to complement it.
Everyone should read The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande!


I’m brand new to Drafts! How do I edit that template??

The main part you want to edit is the clipboard action step. In Drafts, swipe right-to-left to open the action drawer, then left-to-right to edit the action. Under action steps, edit the clipboard step. You’ll need to keep the formatting the same, but you can change the items as you see fit.

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