Looking for ideas on moving emails from Mail to Notes

I’m looking for ideas on moving emails from Mail to Notes. I found this method on 9-5mac, but was hoping for some easy options on the mac.

At work, I use MS:Outlook, and MS:OneNote. There’s an easy “Move to OneNote” button.

I don’t want to save the content as an eml file, because the content isn’t searchable.
ref: Saving emails as eml files in iOS

I’m sure that I can create a script to print to pdf, and then move the pdf to a note, but I thought that I would ask this group for advice before doing that.

Print to PDF automator action, then drag all pdfs into Notes.

Even faster – open the Print dialog. Then click the PDF dialog. At the bottom of that dialog choose Edit Menu…. You’ll see a list of all the PDF destinations. Press the + sign. A folder dialog will open where you navigate to Applications > Notes and press Open. That will add Notes as a PDF destination in every print dialog. This is a one-tine set up, and you can then print email as PDFs directly from Mail.

(I love this macOS feature – I currently have 45 destinations – apps, folders, drives, etc. – defined in the Print dialog as PDF destinations. Major time saver.)


You can also add a keyboard shortcut for that destination. So you’d only need to hit Command-P to bring up the Print dialog in Mail, then hit your preferred shortcut for that new PDF-to-Notes destination.


FWIW when I moved from Evernote I initially had Notes import all the PDFs. Notes became very slow. After a few weeks I moved all the PDFs out of Notes. There really wasn’t any benefit to having them there as Finder and Files (on iOS) do admirable jobs searching them. Notes perked right back up after I moved them.