Saving emails as eml files in iOS

I know that it is possible to save emails as PDFs in iOS without too much difficulty. However, I would like to save them as eml files, which should bring their formatting, links and attachments with them into either Keep It or DTTG. You don’t etain these with the conversion to PDF on iOS. The problem is how to do this. I do know that AltaMail can save files as emails, but although powerful its UI is not very friendly. I was trying to see if I could build a Worflow action to see if I could manage this by using the ‘Get File of Type’ workflow step, but I obviously haven’t found the right file type.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I might approach this (other than using Altamail)?



Thanks. I have tried that. The difference between DDTG and Keep It is that if you drag an email in DDTG keeps a link back to the original email, whereas Keep It doesn’t. Both take any attachments in as well, although DDTG seems to save them as separate files. Neither keeps in email links, which is not ideal. Both lose any formating (DDTG seems to be plain text only, Keep It seems to keep the appearance but not function of the links). Printing to PDF and saving loses attachements and links. That’s why I was looking at importing the message as an eml file. It is also what happens on the Mac.

What I do currently works, but is clunky:

  1. Triage email in Mail (could be another email client); identify emails that I want to save to DDT/Keep It.
  2. Switch to Eurosmartz’ Altamail. Locate files for saving and save as email to EuroSmartz’s iCloud folder.
  3. Change to Files app and navigate to Eurosmartz folder.
  4. Select and import files.

This works, but it’s slow and feel must be capable of being more or less automated. It would be nice to use an email client with access to the share sheet (Dispatch?) and run a single workflow or script to carry out these actions. Unfortunately, my attempts so far have resulted in failure. I was hoping somebody could give me a steer.


Simple is good! On an iPad simply drag the email from Mail to a folder on Files. Thereafter drag to Keep It and/or DevonThink.