Looking for minimal wallet recommendations

The only reason I believe this topic may be relevant to this forum is because, if I recall correctly, David has mentioned minimal wallets a few times on the podcast. If this is not appropriate for the forum, I invite the moderators to remove the post.

I’m looking for minimal wallet recommendations. I need it to hold at least four cards (two debit/credit cards and two licenses). I would also like to carry a few bills with me.

Any recommendations?

Has anyone tried this one or something like it? I’m not sure what I think about a metal wallet versus leather.

Dunno what your scenario is, but when I travel I carry a money clip in my front pocket and no wallet.

Do you put your cards in the clip?

I have a Secrid wallet, great if you’re mainly a card user, though there is a space inside for notes (“bills” depending on where you’re from).

Here’s their website but they’re sold widely in the UK: Secrid - Dutch wallet makers since 1995

Spend more time in the forums and you’ll soon find you’re left with a minimum of things in your wallet!

I’ve started using the phone wallet, but before that, I really liked the Nik’s minimalist ones from Tom Bihn.

I have a wallet #3, and like it


It’s not what I would call a minimal wallet but it is an well made front pocket wallet. I’ve been carrying one of these for three years.

Wally Agent - Bifold Wallet | Distil Union

I used the Tom Bihn for years when I used a TB backpack. It’s great, if you don’t mind a softer case.

Now, I just use the Apple Wallet. I can fit 3 cards in there and it sticks to my phone. it’s about perfect for my needs. One thing I don’t like is if you want to carry something like a laminated card (my insurance card), it doesn’t slide as easily, and I often have to take out all the cards to get just it out. I rarely need that card though.

I have the the RIDGE in Basecamp Orange with the money clip. It is very minimal and I really like it. I have 6 cards in it and it comfortably fits in any pocket. I haven’t yet, but I intend to get one of the two AirTag holders for it.

This is what I have now but I find it difficult to get the cards out–the Apple Card is thick and the most I can get in it is three cards. I need something for a total of four cards (including the thick Apple Card).

I didn’t know you could add the AirTag–that is a plus. It’s metal, do you find that uncomfortable in your pocket?

Sounds like a good reason not to carry that card. Get a thinner one with better cash back. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not in the slightest, it’s so minimal I don’t notice it at all. It doesn’t feel cold or hard or anything negative in my use. It is small enough not to fill or bulge pockets.

As for the AirTag clips, there are 2 options – a replacement money clip or a carbon case. There are other accessories as well such as a coin/key tray.

UK accessory page

There is actually a third AirTag option at the bottom of the list, that attaches to the cash strap.

“Infinity Wallet” from Amazon. Inexpensive. Made of nylon elastic so it can be very thin or stretch to fit a few credit/ID cards.

link: https://www.amazon.com/Infinity-270-Infinity-Wallet-Solid-Silver/dp/B08LF1YLLH/ref=sr_1_5?crid=374COM9RIBPQW&keywords=infinity+wallet&qid=1673992286&sprefix=infinity+wallet%2Caps%2C74&sr=8-5

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I have #1 for daily use & a #5 for when I used to travel. Tom Bihn products are fantastic and last for years.

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I have been daily using this one since 2015. Would buy it again, but the thing is still in one piece.

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I recently retired my really old fabric wallet and picked up a new one from Zitahli - They have dozens of models, but this is the one I got:

It took a bit to get used to the money clip part but I ireally like it now. Bought it off of Amazon.

I like/use the Elephant E8 Wallet:

Yup. ID & paper money too.

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I’ve been trying one of these for a bit and like it: Mobile Wallet | Peak Design Official Site

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If you are looking for a leather wallet, I highly recommend something from Lost Dutchman. Hand crafted, customized to your liking and the leather is high quality.

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