LumaFusion video editing on iPad?

Any Mac Power Users with experience using LumaFusion to edit video on the iPad? I’ve got an event coming up in December where it would be useful to edit some video on my iPad (mostly intercutting video from a couple of GoPros). I might be able to get by with iMovie, but something more capable would be nice.

I can’t say I’m a real high-level video professional, but I can get by in Final Cut Pro X, how would those skills transfer over to LumaFusion?

Pretty happy with it. I use it all the time. Great for YouTube length videos.

No motion tracking, or garbage matting, but everything else is more than adequate. Be prepared to get used to file management on an iPad though.

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I’m a big fan of LumaFusion. If all you need to do is throw some clips together and do a little trimming, then it is fantastic and I would say even faster than on a Mac.

It does other more advanced things but at some point you get into the territory of just using a desktop or laptop.

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I have been using LumaFusion for the last 12 months or so and generated about 8 videos with it - so far I love it and I think it is a very good for delivering good quality videos within a short period of time. The developers are constantly adding features to it and so it is getting more rich in functionality and the results improve consistently.
I have been even editing a video within ten minutes or so waiting in a queue at a ticket office

So far, I have not been using Final Cut Pro yet but plan to get me a license and start working with it - so I cannot comment on skill transfer from Final Cut to LumaFusion.

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I’ve used it for a couple projects and I think it’s great. A solid step up from iMovie. It’s not Final Cut but it really is fully featured and very capable.

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I will plus 1 everything already said. I have used it for some short projects and it works great. I’m not profiecient in any video editor, so some time is spent figuring stuff out as I go. File management is probably the biggest hurdle I’ve run across.


Yep - file management has a lot of room for improvement!

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