M1 folks - which iOS apps did you sideload on your mac?

Trying to find iOS apps that are worth sideloading (= installing the .ipa on your mac), but most stuff I tried just doesn’t feel nice on the mac.

Are there apps that are worth sideloading? What did you sideload and why?

Apollo for Reddit and Dark Noise.


Here is my list:

and add SiriusXM, Launch Center Pro (in the dock of course), and the Lynda app too.

Only some games so far.

Is Apollo actually useful on the mac? Even on my iPad it’s not as great as on my iPhone

Ah I didn’t know there was a thread already. Maybe I searched for the wrong things because it didn’t show up

I like the look of Apollo on my iPad pro. It works relatively well on my MacMini.

Dark Noise, Overcast, and yes Apollo - which I promptly had to delete because holy hell is that app easy to lose hours with.

Fig for Discourse… if I had an M1 Mac… :frowning:

I thought LinkedIn killed off Lynda after they acquired it?

nope. you can still access it for free through your public library… its just a portal to the LinkedIn Learning now… works great

Overcast, Holedown, Sneezies, ACNH Travel Guide. These are the ones I use regularly.

HBO Max and Netflix and TiVo apps are there, but I haven’t used them yet.

My company has an iOS app for internal users, that I grabbed just in case. Ditto the Tesla app. I should probably look at the various Sudoku apps I’ve bought over the years and see if any of those are allowed. Same with Microsoft Solitaire Collection…