M1 Mac with Logitech software compatibility?


I am planning on replacing my wife’s 27" iMac with a Mac Mini and a 21:9 display.
She has to do a lot of video conferencing and the build-in camera and microphone in her 7-year-old iMac are not showing her true beauty :slight_smile:

The reason for considering a Mini with a 21:9 display is that the display will be lower and so there wil be less shadow cast on her face and the camera will be more at eye level. (iMac is on a raiser)

For video I am considering either a Logitech Streamcam or BRIO.
And for a Microphone the Blue Yeti X (also Logitech).

My question is if the software that is needed to get the most our of this camera and microphone will run on the Apple Silicon M1 chips.

Looking forward to your input :slight_smile:

I can share that the Logitech Streamcam and a regular Blue Yeti (not sure about any software for the Yeti X) work just fine on the Mac Mini M1device. In fact, LogiCapture which allows for a split screen of person and presentation works on it as well. Logitech lists it in Beta on the Mac, but it is running under Rosetta 2 and performs the same as it does on the Intel MacBook Pro 16".


While I am not a fan of the rather invasive behavior of the Logitech software I am glad to hear that it will likely work :slight_smile:

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Yes, I agree on the behavior of the Logitech software. I originally didn’t want to install it on the Mac Mini. However, the MBPro was in another room and I tested it on the fly. It turned out OK…:). The camera itself didn’t need anything other than to be plugged into the USB-C port. The actual software wasn’t needed for Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, so all should be good either way.

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I am interested in the software so I can zoom (crop) into the image so it will show less of the background. Also some color correction would be welcome :wink:

Unfortunately zoom doesn’t support iGlasses by Ecamm otherwise I would not bother with Logitech software for a camera.

The Yeti X needs software running for some audio enhancements and noice reduction.

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Can you tell me how you got capture working on your M1. I am running BigSur 11.2.3 and the software will not run. The camera seems to work just fine.

When it was originally downloaded, it just seemed to work. After I saw your post, I went back in to make sure it was still working as I have not been using the tool on the M1 for a little while. I actually uninstalled it at some point. With the newest Logi Capture (2.06.33) and Big Sur, it throws an error every time I try to open it. I even tried reinstalling 2.04.8 and have the same results. It seems to work fine on the Intel machine.

I almost said I would share if I found a solution. However, I went looking for other versions of the software on Logitech’s site. On this page, I chose “Show All Downloads”, selected “Mac OS 10.15 and tried all of the recent version. The one that worked was 2.0.200. Logitech Capture – Logitech Support + Download

I think Logitech made an interesting support decision…:slight_smile: This version would have been the one I originally installed. While I hope it helps, I hope that Logitech updates the other version to support M1.

  • Software Version: 2.06.33 does not work with my MacMini M1. crashes…

Process: Logi Capture [3022]
Path: /Applications/Logi Capture.app/Contents/MacOS/Logi Capture
Identifier: com.logitech.logicapture
Version: 2.06.33 (2.06.33)
Code Type: X86-64 (Translated)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: Logi Capture [3022]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2021-04-01 10:37:40.107 +0200
OS Version: macOS 11.2.3 (20D91)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: 0EAB88D1-D8C1-0573-543A-6DE2D673061F

Sleep/Wake UUID: EF6AA4CA-62CC-4F73-B163-5E7CF3985FAC

Time Awake Since Boot: 6900 seconds
Time Since Wake: 3400 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Mit der o.a. Version geht es. Die läuft. Allerdings habe ich Probleme die Audio Capture Engine zu installieren. ACE… Wie habt ihr das gelöst ?

Yep in my experience NON of the Logitech software works with M1 :frowning:

I am getting the same error with that version. I wonder why the older one still works.

Been using the Webcam Settings app @timstringer recommended long ago:

Using Logitech webcams on Mac - #4 by timstringer.

Working fine on my M1 MacBook Air with a Logitech C920.

For the rest of the Capture features, I think software like mmhmm could do the trick (been using it consistently trough this semester)

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