M1 MacBook Air - and parallels

I want to buy a shared laptop for me and my wife. Obviously I want the MacBook Air , but there is problem.

My wife does backyard astronomy. This is a kind of niche hobby that really needs windows. . I know that boot camp won’t work, but parallels does. Looking into it further it works with a special ? invite version of windows.

Anyone any experience of parallels on m1

You can look into this thread for more information. We just discussed the same topic last week.

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I use it every day and all the software I need (mainly dev and data vis) works perfectly. It’s easy to sign up for Windows insider, then you can download the ARM version.

Just being curious (sorry off topic), what astronomy software does she like to use? I use Stellarium (sometimes) which works fine on macOS (including M1 under Rosetta)

The Celestrum software and stellarium… I think the issue is controlling the telescope

Stellarium is available for macOS, Linux,…

Celestron CFM is Java, works on M1
Celestron Digital Imager is available for Mac…

That said…what exact config is being used that’s “Windows only”? From my M1+Parallels experiments, most stuff works.