M1 MBP reboots twice before normal use

Sorry for the odd title. My laptop has not been seeing much mobile use lately. I mention that because it would occasionally act oddly after returning to my home network after use at other locations. It never bothered me, I simply rebooted.

Now, I will reboot when it seems something is amiss – as one does – and the computer will run fine for a few minutes, then do an apparent full power down hard reboot on its own. I then get this cryptic error message:

After that, it seems to run fine. I leave it on all the time, and wake it from sleep when I need to use it.

Not sure if this is related, but I ended up doing a full nuke n pave based on Apple tech support suggestion. A little while ago, this computer got into a mysterious reboot loop; it would run for a few moments after log in, then reboot on its own, ad infinitum. I ended up managing to boot into safe mode and called Apple. Fortunately I had a CCC clone to restore (Time Machine failed) and all was good until very recently.

Does this “double reboot” sound like reason for concern?


But I have no clue as to what to do to fix/repair it, SORRY!

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@Drewski – What disk did you attach? Does your MBP work any differently with everything disconnected from it?

If there is no disk attached, I’ve read that Apple Silicon Macs won’t run if macOS thinks the internal disk drive has been corrupted.

I have not experienced this problem, do not know how to fix it, but wish you the best. I have several Apple Stores available to me for getting help. I hope you do, too!

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Did you partition the SSD?

@Drewski Have you checked out the solution given in this recent thread? Conflicting pointer software?

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