Mac Power Users 441: MPU+: The Grass is Always Greener


Regarding Katie’s problems with EBAY and Amazon, I’ve used EBAY for over 20 years now, although not in the past few years. As it grew it got more problematic. And it’s move from a place where individuals auctioned one-off items to where it’s more of a bazar with storefronts, it’s really not a good place to sell one-offs.

I’d thing that Amazon would be better, and there are sure more hoops to go through there.

And Craigslist was mentioned on the program. It’s just a 21st century newspaper classified ads, and those always were risky as a buyer or seller.


David, I am experiencing the same bug you are with iTunes asking me to sign in all the time for no reason (and no consequences for dismissing). My iPhone doesn’t get any excuses though, because I’ve never run a beta! I had this issue pretty bad from iOS 11.0 until 11.4 dropped and I thought it was solved. Since 11.4.1 it’s been back worse than ever. It drives me CRAZY.


I think you can have problems, or not, with any registrar. In 2004 I moved my domain registration from a a registrar where I felt my registration was likely to be held captive (very difficult to release it) to Not a lick of problems with them in 14 years even though they have a bad reputation. If you say “no” to all their up-charges you do fine.


Just listened the last segment of the episode.

Wiping drives 3, 7 or more times: one of the great myths in IT. A single wipe will reder a drive useless. SInce I worked in an area that had “military grade” data destruction/wiping: the identified threat was not the amount of wipes. If a HD failed in the highly secured server, the time it was laying around after replacement in some admin’s office was considered the threat (easy theft). Also, because most failures were mechanical (disk not spinning up) or to the electronics (controller not responding), wiping was out of the question.
Solution: wiping station in the server room, just one wipe with random data, storage in a secure cabinet in the server room, then supervised

For the wipe often myth, there’s enough literature out there:
Source: Wright C., Kleiman D., Sundhar R.S. S. (2008) Overwriting Hard Drive Data: The Great Wiping Controversy. In: Sekar R., Pujari A.K. (eds) Information Systems Security. ICISS 2008. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 5352. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


I recommend 1and1. Have had several domains with them for over 6 years and have had no problems. Great phone tech support too.


I think Overcast’s smart speed made fun of David’s mute test. All I heard was, “la, la, la, la.”


The workflow also showed “Lumox Maxima” which made the torch shine at 100% and “Lumos” at 50%


Katie’s experience trying to get rid of stuff resonates with me. Why not have running list of free stuff on this discussion board? We all like about the same things. Locally, not many people may need the same types of things I’m trying to get rid of. I suggest that the items are free but “buyer” pays shipping. Win, win. I get rid of my stuff and the lucky person that gets it for free only has to pay shipping. Anyone who is a problem gets kicked off the discussion.


It is called learning to be content. :slight_smile:


Be careful with “wingardium leviosa”


Currently using — satisfied but only have two domains. So…

Then again, I used to say BlueHost was wonderful until they were not.


Actually it’s levy-oohh-sa not levio-saaaar


Caldigit dock was mentioned in the podcast and I thought it may be worth mentioning that the Caldigit 3 Mini Dock is now available. There are 2 versions, both are bus-powered, and both have 1 ethernet port.

The difference is one has 2 x DisplayPorts that support true 4K @ 60Hz displays with 1xUSB3.0 aka USB3.1 Gen 1 while the other has 2 x HDMI ports that support UHD @ 60Hz displays with 1xUSB3.0 aka USB3.1 Gen 1 and 1xUSB2.0 port.

They are on sale, check them out. No, I’m not a CalDigit sales rep but I’ve used their TB2 dock for many years now, still using it with the new 2016 MBP.

Also a quick note that there are 2 versions of the Thunderbolt-3 docks. The plus version has lots more connectivity options which include a SD card reader and 1 USB3.1 Gen 2 port.


I have sold stuff through the website Nextdoor. I sold a bike rack and met the buyer at a local parking lot. When I sold a string trimmer, the buyer came to my house and I showed him that it worked so he couldn’t complain later. The benefit is you aren’t paying for shipping but I did have some trouble with meet up times with one buyer. When selling on this site, you are selling to neighbors, so you may get roped into some tech support. Our local police department has a “Safe Space” area in their lobby for conducting these transactions if you are worried about safety.


Also there’s a point that should be brought up of how for example it’s taken David and Katie x amount of years to reach this point for example with their home office setup. It didn’t just happen after they got their bar exam results.


Wow didn’t know that, thanks for sharing!


I agree. I think for me I’ll have options of US only and other buyer restrictions.


Sometimes the tax write off is worth more when you donate it when you consider your time and how stress-free it is compared to selling it.


About the email provider. I have a different point of view that our dear host. Why would you go for an international email provider rather than a local one ? Most of companies I know often go with Infomaniak or KreativMedia (there are plenty others). When I switched provider, I went for the latter (mostly for their better plan for my use).


That takes care of someone with a broken product that wants to use your good one for an exchange, while you foot the bill.