Mac Power Users 441: MPU+: The Grass is Always Greener


I’ve been with them for years and have never had anything but stellar service. They just do their job and don’t try to sell a bunch of extra stuff.


Do we even know if there will be such a thing as a tax write-off with the new tax laws??


Should be better if you run a business. But since the personal deduction has doubled you’ll need a lot more things to deduct if you don’t have a business. This is not a bad thing for many people as they never really took deductions anyways so they’ll benefit more.


I’ve only had positive experiences with Hover.


I just listened to this part of the podcast, and I agree that Katie made a great point! Keeping up with the Joneses can be both an economic and productivity rabbit hole. It’s the work that matters…and the satisfaction of doing it.


David got super sensitive when Katie made a great point that if someone can’t afford all the fancy apps and gear that they shouldn’t feel bad about it. David was almost insulted by it. I think Katie made an important point, because many can’t afford the coolet newest stuff. David took it way wrong. Just my 2 cents.


I criticized many times the “there’s an app/gadget for that and it`s just $x” approach. I stopped listening to several episodes because they were essentially shopping-lists. And I also criticized that there are many open source tools out there which are rarely mentioned.


I’m using quite some open source software myself. Mostly on my server, but there are also great Mac apps (like FSNotes, Bitbar and Hammerspoon).
Also, quite a few time the most expensive apps get mentioned, while there are cheaper alternatives that work as good as the expensive ones (aText comes to mind as a great alternative to that other text expansion tool, PDF Expert being another one, which is apparently also a favorite of the MPU community).


I didn’t hear Katie’s alternative to Evernote. If I missed it, please share with me her alternative or alternatives to Evernote. Thank you


Keep in mind that for both David and Katie, they are using computers in business and time is money, so spending a few bucks to save time is almost always a good investment. This is not going to be true for everybody. I’m retired now and my income related to my computer use is vastly reduced (but not zero yet) so I consider software purchases carefully and especially avoid anything by subscription unless I’m going to be a constant user. But I still value their input and suggestions about software. Nothing I’ve bought after listening to them endorse has made me feel cheated. That’s something I can’t say for that podcaster who hawks stuff from Petaluma.


Absolutely, we know. The answer is, “Yes.” But, check with your tax adviser to be sure.


OMG, anyone who loves cooking should get Paprika! My wife has about 3000 recipes in it, loves the ability to do things like “find recipes that use basil and Greek yogurt” when she’s trying to clean out the fridge. The ability to plan out meals for a week and automatically generate a shopping list…she absolutely raves about it. Also, she uses “Eat Your Books”, a web service that lets you register your cookbooks and then search the recipes in them, as well as in food blogs and magazines; over 1.5 million recipes.


Absolutely LOVE Paprika! Use it to save recipes found on Pinterest, Epicurious, anywhere! Made a French Strawberry Cake over the weekend from a recipe saved to Paprika. (delicious, by the way :slight_smile:)


I’m not sure it was this episode but I have been wanting to say @katiefloyd that I loved the phrase “blue bubble texts”. It seems like an easy way to tell friends which texting app to use.

As far as repurposing tech items, I live in a country where Apple products are more expensive. One of my first trades of an old iPhone was a trade for credit with my regular taxi driver. The last time I mentioned I had an older laptop, possibly for sale, the vultures came out.

I find it interesting to see how people set up their desks. It doesn’t really matter how many gadgets one has, as mentioned above it is the value in the work or play that really counts. I use to take classes at the Apple store and my teacher once pointed out how there will always be “newer” products. This has always stuck with me and makes me feel content with what I have. I will always lean toward the minimalist approach but, my scansnap will always live on my desk.

I am adding an impromptu photo of right now. The printer doesn’t usually sit there.vNPblDNZQ8%20AT8UuvQTETg


Unfortunately, Newton shut down just a few days after your recommendation. The email business is very tough.


Another Paprika fan here. In fact, I’m eating something that I used Paprika to help me cook right now!


Katie mentioned Apple Notes as picking up most of the slack for her when moving out of Evernote. What I don’t understand is why she doesn’t go with DEVONThink. It is quite simple, in my view, the best solution for keeping track of nearly everything.


I love Paprika too for grabbing recipes from the web or family. After I try a new recipe I try to add my own photo.


100%!!! LOVE Paprika and have used it for years.


At the risk of speaking for Katie, I believe it had something to do with the capabilities on the iPhone and/or web clipping. But I’m going from memory and my memory is getting notoriously flaky in my advancing years.