Mac Power Users 441: MPU+: The Grass is Always Greener


One suggestion for Katie and David, unless I’m wrong, most of MPU listeners are not podcasters.

Many a times it seems you go into topics that are pretty unique to podcasters.


Every podcast does its share of podcast navel-gazing. I think MPU is actually pretty good about it.


“What gear do you use for podcasting?” -> Skip.


I do that :grinning:

I wish they could do one episode on podcasting and then not talk about it till next episode about the same so I could skip the entire episode


I’m not a podcaster, but I’m always interested in this. Audio gear has always interested me, for some reason, so I like hearing what Katie and David use.


Just wanted to suggest to @MacSparky that he look for some magical inspiration from the works of Ben Aaronovitch rather than Ms Rowling. So much better.


I am very interested in audio gear. The playing, not the recording.


MPU does use Podcast chapters so its not like skipping is particularly hard, though these days i listen at 3x speed with silence trimming so its not like it takes me long to get through those sections anyway


Ah, but I believe David also made the point that this is what he does, eh? I mean, I took it as - he buys all these doodads so we don’t have to. I’ve been listening for years and I’ve personally purchased a small handful of items/apps only because: they fit my needs, I probably wasn’t otherwise aware of them, and of course I got to hear a nerd’s review. :nerd_face:


David and Katie made me buy a lot of stuff. :smiley:


@MacSparky @katiefloyd this is a great app for cord cutters, it’s free.


Your photo cracks me up, Mitch!


I sold on eBay for many years and I still buy there. I don’t think I’d buy any computer items there although I believe I did buy a charger that wound up not being legit. But I didn’t spend a lot of money, of course. Most items I can buy off eBay without any problems but I stick mostly to books and I look for nice copies.
As for selling, that should go all right unless someone decides they want their money back and has damaged the item. I would get it insured if it’s worth anything.
I’ve sold on Amazon and it is a big hassle. It would probably not be worth the time nor the effort.


Thanks. I will check Ben out.


I’ve said it on the show but every time I meet a listener with his or her significant other present, one person is really happy to meet me and the other wants to murder me.