Mac Power Users 461: Little Known iOS Tips


Thanks for the explanation. Ss there are several second (may be 2), where the app I swipe from is still on the right. That’s why I could “go back” with a right-to-left swipe. I’ll try to find out. Thanks


If a remember correctly, when you close an app, it has 10 seconds to close and make the necessary save or sync. Am I correct? Does force closing has the same “grace period”?


@MacSparky mentioned on the iPad, that a 5 finger “grouping” (I don’t know how to call it) from any app allows you to get to the app switcher. But doing it half way goes back to the dashboard. I can’t do this. I always get the switcher. Did I misunderstand ?

The 5 finger “grouping” has the same effect of a 4 finger swipe up (from anywhere on the screen): opens the app switcher


Does anyone have a good method of selecting a third app when in split screen mode? That is, when two apps are open and side-by-side, but you want to select a third app to float AND it is not a recently used app that can be pulled from the recent apps in the dock, how do you go about finding it without closing the apps that are already in split screen? (Hope this makes sense)

Thank you.



If you have a keyboard attached you can hit Command-Space to open Spotlight and search for the app. Then start dragging the app icon and the Spotlight overlay will close, allowing you to drop it on the border between your two Split View apps, which opens the third app in Slide Over.

Without a keyboard you do have to go back to the home screen to get at the app if it isn’t in the dock. However, once you start dragging the icon of the third app you can just tap the icon for one of the apps you have in split view to open up that pair again.


Closing apps also slows down your phone and uses up battery because you’re emptying caches so that next time you access the app the phone has to start from scratch.


FYI, many of the new Swipe gestures as described on the little pamphlet that accompanies a new device in the box. That’s where I learned these.

I guess most people don’t read that.


I’m still trying to get the knack of text selection using the onscreen trackpad.


My favorite part of this episode was when @MacSparky told us we could hold the back button in OmniFocus to go back to the home screen. Thank you!

So it didn’t get lost in the podcast I posted it here


You can see @ChrisUpchurch’s post below with a keyboard. I kept getting frustrated when I was using my iPad without a keyboard and trying to do this so I just created a folder in my dock with several apps so I can still do this.


I’m still trying to get the knack of text selection using iOS.
What a pain.


While it won’t slow down your phone, it might slow loading an app. But that’s on the assumption that the app hasn’t already had to dump its caches due to having 28 apps open.

Like everything, there’s a lot of nuance. Not my area of expertise, but I’m going to close all my apps every once in a while, and not give people a hard time that also do this.


Yes, I understand the trickyness of getting selection… you know how I know. But it does work …eventually!


Thanks, Chris. Very helpful!


@MitchWagner, further comment on selecting text on iPad —

Maneuver cursor to front of the text you want to select. Release… fingers off keyboard… Then long press with two fingers on the Apple keyboard until the selection bar appears.

If you have steady fingers the cursor will become a dumbbell, slide to select text.

Try this in Drafts or Notes. This selection method does not work, for me, in the forum app. The track pad does.


Just discovered the 2 swipes up from bottom (on iPad Pro)
If you swipe up from the bottom, up to at least the middle of the screen, the app switcher is being displayed
If you “flick up” from the bottom (a very short swipe up), then you get the dashboard
The “flick up” was the most difficult to find ^^


Nope. My fingers seem to be incapable of learning this. Tried and tried.



I use the track pad to move that pesky little cursor more than the selection tool. (Of course, that may be due to my delay in getting selection to work.)


Why are the basics of iOS operations being described as Little Known iOS Tips?

I’m not disagreeing with the Topic’s wording.


Type to Siri

This is potentially a very powerful accessibility feature. When Type to Siri is turned on, you can hold the Home button, then type to Siri. This can happen no matter where you are in iOS. If you have a thought, you can capture it to a Reminder, a Draft, a Note, etc. Very cool stuff! MacStories