Mac Power Users 461: Little Known iOS Tips


My favourite-ist iOS 2018 game changer has been - and thank you @MacSparky because I think this one came from you one episode - the pinch-outwards to Print to PDF right into Files/Drop0box, in iOS. Genuinely love this. It has made Inbox Zero a possibility and made iPad a genuine workspace, plus cleared so much brainspace (was arguably never much of that latter to spare before anyway). What was I ever thinking using Inbox as an action list, or a holding zone, or a filing cabinet, or, or… Also, Keynote and Numbers on iPad makes the documentation tasks where one isn’t forced to do Microsoft-ness feel so non-worky.


I just bought two on sale. :slight_smile:


Works well for me. In fact the five finger ‘grouping’ (is that what it’s called?) was the most pleasant discovery for me from the tips. I use it all the time now, as a replacement for the missing home button and app switcher. For whatever reason it also seems faster than other swipes, but not sure why. To get the app switcher rather than home, I close my hand a bit slower just lift my hand as soon as I see a second app appear. To go home I close until my finger tips touch in a rapid motion. Try it a few times back and forth and it soon seems natural.


I’ve had problems where I highlight words, and the select/select all menu never appear.


Yes. Or the cursor disappears (mostly when posting in this forum).


On the topic of using FaceID with sunglasses, I have had no problems with FaceID while wearing either polarized or non-polarized sunglasses even with the attention setting turned on (as a pilot I have to wear non-polarized at work but all of my glasses for driving etc. are polarized) I don’t know which brand or specific type of polarization might not make it work but I haven’t found it.


I suspect the mirrored finish might also a factor - at least on some sunglasses!


For me it seems not to work when I take my glasses off.


Are you nearsighted? I am, and when I’m not wearing my glasses I have to hold the phone close enough to my face in order to be readable that it’s too close for FaceID. When I move it back to a more conventional viewing distance, FaceID works fine.


Yes, I have to hold it pretty close without glasses! Didn’t think of that!


If your cat likes to watch squirrel videos on your iPad, you can use Guided Access to prevent her from exiting the app (YouTube, Safari, etc.) and emptying your bank account for a trip to Brazil.


Agree ! Once you got that move, it’s really easy. The same move is available on MacOS, and trackpad. Paper by 53 is using this movement too, but with 2 fingers, to “close” a booklet :slight_smile:


I wear glasses. When I setup faceid, I had the glasses on, since I need them all the time. Face ID still works without my glasses (though I wasn’t did about that) and even when I gave a winter hat on ( (which covers a lot of my forehead).

There are so many nooks, crannies, skeletal structures,etc, that make up our faces (not to mention changes in light, and movement) , it’s a wonder that faceid works as good as it does. One would have to expect a few glitches with a complex algorithm like that.


Yes, I realized it’s not the glasses, it’s just that I hold the phone to close when I don’t have them on, as Chris said.