Mac Power Users 464: Stephen... Who?


I await the Superman fan anger.


I dug the episode. I know nothing about other than it exists and ATP is also on it, so a lot of this history was new to me. I really got interested when Memphis came up because I find podcasters being from somewhere specific more interesting to listen to for some reason. Thanks for that context and looking forward to the first episode where you’re both on the same side of the interview/topic.

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Hey @cornchip, I wrote an entry in Day One this evening that started out, “I sure hope the MPU family digs Stephen …” and then read your post.

Much love.


I just listened to the episode and really liked it. I am kind of a heavy Relay FM listener so I „know“ Stephen pretty well (I notice how ridiculous this sounds but it is this weird podcast relationship where you listen for hours and hours to a person…). I am pretty sure that Stephen is the perfect fit for this show. When I first heard the announcement I thought so and now I am even more convinced. And it seems that David and Stephen get along really well which is great. I just hope that there is a little innovation when it comes to the show. Not much is needed but it can‘t be wrong to change a little from time to time. But I am pretty optimistic that @MacSparky and @ismh will figure it out.

Looking forward to the next 463 episodes (no pressure! :wink: )


I enjoyed the episode and found out some more interesting information about Stephen that I didn’t know from listening to some of his other shows. Welcome to MPU Stephen.

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I just finished listening and really enjoyed the episode. :+1: I’m looking forward to the first content/interview shows.

Welcome to MPU, @ismh!

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I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the episode too, it’s nice to get some background about podcasters (unlike how I’m not bothered about people in other media types); it was a great idea for the episode topic.
It was also interesting to find out they’d known each other a long time and get on really well, which bodes well for the community that Katie and David nurtured around the podcast.

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A really fun episode, as expected. Even as someone who has “known” of Stephen for awhile, I learned some fun new stuff about him, and I look forward to the future.

In fact, the only problem with the episode was @MacSparky asking “Who shot first?” I mean, come on. Even asking that question is insulting, like “Do you still beat your wife?” Or “Did you think the Prequels were good?”


Again the personal praise for the Fujitsi ScanSnap from @MacSparky.
That’s enough. Unsubscribed from the MPU podcast. It has been a nice many years (yes, I have been a long, long time weekly listener). Thanks and good luck.

Haha then all you know is that it exists - ATP isn’t on Relay :slight_smile:

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How can I automate getting a push notification when episode 800 is released? :wink:

The episode had been recorded before the discussion in this forum. So it was just an unfortunate coincidence in my eyes.

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Really enjoyed the episode. Even though I’ve listened to Stephen on many other podcasts this was still a fun one. Looking forward to the future.

I may hire skywriters over every major city.


Remember to go international

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I can’t be mad at someone for loving such a flawed being as Bruce Wayne, it’s why his movies are always better than Superman’s lol. I’m a lifelong Superman fan, and it pains me a bit to say that the only worthwhile media put out about him is when he was angsty teen Clark Kent on Smallville.


I’ve listened to Stephen for years. He is the perfect person to join this show and interact with David. To quote the Adventure Zone, “[it’s] going to be amazing!”

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Bingo. And not something “disastrous” enough to require an emergency edit.

Haha! I guess all these networks with Mac shows blend together for me.