Mac Power Users 464: Stephen... Who?


Haha! I guess all these networks with Mac shows blend together for me.


Remember that the discussion about Fujitsu’s total lack of support and general bad software has been going on for quite some time. I don’t think they’ve recorded this episode months ago.
The bad thing about these podcasts - and quite a bit of the Mac blogosphere too - is that it all sounds like well intended advice/recommendations from the host/author. But in fact it’s just all about the money. Of course I’d be happy with a Scansnap if they send me a new one every so often. But once you’ve paid for it and all of a sudden your device turns into an expensive paperweight it’s a completely different story.


Stephen! I used to live in Memphis. I was one of the original Saddle Creek Apple Store employees and was working on opening day. Also, I worked at the U of M library for a couple years, worked at the Peddlar bike shop on Highland St. and used to frequent Otherlands and Java Cabana (I’m guessing you’ve been to one of both of those. Everytime I hear you talk about Memphis I wish I’d had a chance to meet you. I moved back to Missouri in 2004 so I’m guessing we never crossed paths.

Anyhoo, been listening to you on Connected, looking forward to your contribution to MPU.


Stephen activates my Siri several times during this episode. Anyone experiencing the same?


Thankfully my AirPods serve as voice command insulation :laughing:


And for quite some time, David has not been frequenting the forum much due to a family situation.


Dang, I definitely didn’t set my own HomePod off during recording or editing. Thanks, Siri!


I grew up in Memphis and my fam still all lives there too. @ismh my sister also graduated from U of M with a degree in journalism. (I think it was still Memphis State back then). You should visit her shop in the Broad Ave Arts District. Anyway, great show. Looking forward to hearing some good content shows soon.


I don’t think this is a fair standard. I haven’t used a ScanSnap since my career changed, so I did some research. It sounds like the ix1500 is not the update everyone wanted, but it does all the stuff David said in the ad read. It’s legitimate new hardware that’ll be supported for years and ScanSnaps are still pretty cool scanners for people who process a lot of paper, even though the software/driver side has always been a pain. That’s just how it tends to be in printer world. To me it seems reasonable to accept sponsorship money from “the least worst option” in a product category since that’s the one people shopping would actually want to buy, despite the issues people have.


I haven’t finished listening to the episode just yet, as my day has been filled with meetings and conference calls, but I’ve got to cast my vote for Batman. My entire family gives me hell about it, particularly my wife (“He doesn’t even have superpowers… so he’s not a superhero!”). My answer is always the same: Batman’s superpower (near-limitless money aside) is sheer will.

That has always appealed to me on a fundamental level. Will and willpower are — for me, anyhow — such evanescent things. It gives me something to aspire to.

I’ve really enjoyed the episode so far, and can’t wait to listen to the rest this evening! Welcome to MPU, @ismh!


What is wrong with scansnaps. I have an old S300M that I have had for 8 years. Recommended on MPU still works perfectly.


Of course we’ll all miss Katie, but Stephen’s Apple Mail/Text Expander trick alone got me so excited. Fantastic!

Sometimes, it’s nice to get new ideas infused into the podcast. It doesn’t make either host better or worse, but a fresh perspective is really appreciated!


It’s an easy mistake to make; each of the ATP hosts also has at least one podcast on Relay:

  • Marco - Top Four, Under the Radar
  • Casey - Analog(ue)
  • John - Reconcilable Differences


I’m pretty sure they plan episodes in a private room in the Relay Slack, haha


Great episode and excited to see what’s down the pipeline! Although Katie will be missed, I’m very excited to see what David and Stephen will do. Honestly don’t listen to Stephen’s podcasts though he’s got a great podcast voice.


Oh absolutely, very easy mistake to make. I know the ATP guys have said if they were going to be on a network it would be Relay - they just don’t have any reason to.


Extensively discussed in other threads; hot topic, best left off this thread. Here are some links for your enjoyment: posts 26, 35, 36, 61 posts 5, 6, 15, 20 posts 2 - 12, 17, 18 posts 17, 23, 26, 27, 30, 33, 41, 55, 56 most of this thread


Scansnap S1300 error message

The new team of David and Stephen is a winner. Like the David & Katie team, they come across as pleasant, lighthearted, sincere and informative. Good idea to talk about Stephan’s background - we “get to know him” as a real person.

I invite them to expand on Stephen’s hardware and networking experience to inform us in future episodes about practical networking and uses of audiovisual equipment for business, education and entertainment.


Not angry. As a big Superman fan, I would highly recommend reading “All-Star Superman” (Morrison/Quitely), “Superman for All Seasons” (Loeb/Sale), and the classic Alan Moore stories “For the Man Who Has Everything” and “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” - these will begin to change your mind.


I enjoyed it. It was a great introductory episode and I look forward to seeing where @MacSparky and @ismh take the show.