Mac Power Users 464: Stephen... Who?


Great show, but I think that @MacSparky missed a really important question. How @ismh save his files? Does he uses dots or underscore.


@ismh You make me feel old! I was in 7th grade when the Challenger exploded, you Whippersnapper. :rofl: I am glad you told the history into your interest in NASA. I was born and raised in Cleveland, TN, and it is great that a fellow Tennessean is hosting this show. I have worked in the space industry for the majority of my career (17 of 20 years). It was the Challenger accident that really kicked off my desire to work at NASA. Though I worked for the ISS program at JSC for 17 years in multiple roles, I am now at MSFC working safety engineering. Great to have you on board MPU, which now puts you as host on 90% of the podcasts to which I listen.


Harumph!!! Who you calling whippersnapper?

I was in Denver installing a DG Eclipse Comprehensive Electronic Office system at an E.F. Hutton Investment office and training their staff in how to use it as a Systems Engineer for Data General. Everything stopped as all the stock brokers had to go deal with what stocks to short or buy based on the disaster.

I was in college for the very first shuttle launch and we had a party that started when it was originally due to launch up until it did. The launch was so darned fast, it lept off the pad. Compared the old Apollo and Geminii launches that clearly were struggling to leave earth’s gravity the shuttle just sprang free.


I’m not even a car guy and part of me aches for this show. Such a fantastic show!


I must disagree vehemently, sir! The first two Christopher Reeves Superman movies were brilliant.


I am about to commit a major SM sin: I don’t particularly care for either of those movies (and not because of Reeves: he was, is, and will always be the best onscreen incarnation of our beloved Blue Boyscout) but because a) in movie 1: reversing the earth’s spin doesn’t force time in reverse and b) in movie 2: everything. The Donner Cut fixed a lot, but the whole thing makes me irrationally irritated LOL

Sorry for anyone reading this rant, lol


How did I miss that! Added to the feedback list.


As to your point (a) science in superhero movies, Star Trek and Doctor Who is completely made up anyway, so a little more nonsense doesn’t bother me. Point (b) is valid. :slight_smile:

One problem with the Superman movies is that the filmmakers constantly had to reassure adults in the audience that it was OK to enjoy the movie. The filmmakers did it by including winks and camp. 21st Century filmmakers have figured out that people who go to see a superhero movie probably want to see a superhero movie and they don’t need their hands held.


I will definitely miss Katie but am excited to have you here, @ismh - especially since I live in the 901 too. It finally clicked when you mentioned your uncle was the mayor back in the 80s.


Great first show!

I will miss Katie like many and wish her well.

I feel an odd kinship with both of you…
Like @ismh I:

  • worked in desktop publishing Quark/Freehand/Pagemaker back in the day
  • did some Apple consulting freelance before getting a seasonal job in sales at the Apple store. Because of how busy and my prior knowledge, started fixing people’s issues on the floor as well as selling.
  • got sent to Cupertino to become a Mac Genius which I continued for around 3 years. This was also just prior to iPhone release when we worked off clipboards and 2 hour waits for queues at the genius bar!
  • moved to Australia where I went to work for an Apple service provider.
    There our paths diverged as I pursued university, gov’t gigs and now Tech lead/web developer in a design company.

Like @MacSparky I:
– play Jazz saxophone! That was my BFA/MFA Music focus.

Cheers to both of you for carrying on your show and look forward to relating to your excellent perpectives, passion and experiences.


And people complain about long waits and queuing with support/genius now as if such problems never existed with Apple before…


There are long waits, but Apple needs to fix the issue in some areas. My wife and I was in an Apple store recently for an Apple battery case for the wife’s iPhone 8. After stating what we wanted, it took employees over 25 minutes to bring out the case.


Oh for sure, not saying there isn’t a problem, but a lot of people are talking about the current situation as if its’ the first time Genius Bar service/support has been slow or bad. History is too-easily forgotten sometimes!


True! Sometimes it is easily forgotten.


Hi Steve, I haven’t been able to get this to work yet. It seems most apps don’t recognise the message:// link