Mac Power Users 485: WWDC and Interview with the Mac Pro Product Manager


It’s a computer with wheels!




Enjoy gang. This one came out great.


David, I have to ask…

How tempted were you, when Doug(?) confirmed that their Pro Workflow team was also working iPadOS, to ask “so where’s’s sharesheet??” :sunglasses:


Swift coming out really gave me a boost into serious programming, and SwiftUI looks like a great extra step.
I’m not sure that Apple always gets the credit they deserve for making programming approachable to people.

I grew up with a ZX Spectrum and C64 (with a cartridge to allow assembly language programming!), and back then all programs were reasonably simple due to the hardware they ran on. I think there was a long period when it was harder for people to get into programming because of the gulf between what an amateur could achieve compared to a pro.

Apple has worked to close that gap and I think that’s amazing. SwiftUI is the next step in that and I am so excited to try it out (as an Apple presenter might say).

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I’m in the middle of the initial interview listening on my way into work. Getting out of the car, I was just very impressed at how Steve and David conducted themselves, the questions they asked, and the professionalism of the interview itself.

I’m not being all fan boy. This, I think, was the first interview of an Apple executive by Mac Power Users and I just have to believe that this will lead to others because of they way the interview was conducted.

And great information as well, especially the workflow discussion and how customer needs gets translated into product by the Pro Team at Apple.

Very happy to see this in this episode (and, boy, there was a lot of news in that WWDC). What a great session to be invited to for a first one.


Great observation, and I hope your prediction about more executive interviews is accurate.


The podcast interview is getting some traction, see here and here!

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Enjoyed the show… Like the podcast’s set-up… I could go directly to the iPad section. There were enough I could use thats… I went away smiling. Little stuff like small floating keyboards to swipe type. Medium to big — enhanced apps, iPadOS, and the potential of external storage.

What do you want to bet the wheels will be a $1000 option? :grinning:

Anyway, the Mac Pro is out of my league, so it wouldn’t matter if they threw them in for free.

Great show. My jaw was agape during the keynote segment introducing the Mac Pro – a/k/a the most awesome machine I will never own. It’s incredible, and I don’t feel at all disappointed that one will never rest in my office. I fell in love with computers as a child because of what they can do to push the limits. This is a limit-pusher if ever there was one.

It reminds me of the awe I felt when, as a junior in high school, I had a programming internship involving a visual data analysis software product and got to work every day for a summer on a Sun SPARCstation 2. I had a 386sx at home, so I marveled every time I touched that machine.

While the machine itself is very awe-inspiring, the message that it communicates (and as pointed out in the episode) about Apple’s commitment to the Mac, to high-end compute power, to its customers, and to macOS could not be clearer.

The simple question I have is, when does some of this cutting-edge technology filter down to the MacBook Pro?

Also, while I’m not much of a prognosticator, I do wonder whether this introduction quells either or both of the rumors that (a) macOS and iOS will merge; and (b) that Macs will switch over to ARM processors.


It seems to me that ipadOS is the perfect “in between OS” allowing for optimized use and behaviors inherent in the platform it serves rather then forcing all of it in a single, not optimized for anything, OS. ARM as the main cpu becomes increasingly more possible as the platforms share more low level code - but there is a lot of low level stuff…

Great episode! I really enjoy Mac Power Users for a few months now and had to sign up for this forum as a result of this. :slight_smile:

I wonder, how much you had to hold back to ask about a stand. :wink:


Guys I can’t congratulate you enough on a) scoring the interview b) doing it really well and c) getting some absolutely Grade A information from him in terms of clarifying exactly where the Mac Pro is positioned and who it is aimed at. So much about Apple’s thinking across the board (i.e. across all platforms) became clearer.

You really contributed to the Podsphere discussions about WWDC - I can’t give greater praise than that I hope ATP, Gruber etc. listen to it as it would really inform some of their discussion.

Don’t go changing what we love about MPU but you’ve really gone up a gear with this one.


If you are curious about how the new Mac Pro compares to an “equally” high-end PC, Digital Trends put this thorough analysis together:


David, just curious how this interview with Doug Books was arranged. Did Apple reach out to you, or did you reach out to Apple?

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Stephen and I were thrilled to get this opportunity but we also spent a lot of time planning the interview and fundamental to that planning was the question, “What would the MPU audience want to know?”

It was a very special WWDC for both @ismh and me.


Federico got Craig…

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And Rene Ritchie (for Vector podcast) got
Sarah Herrlinger, Director, Global Accessibility Policy & initiatives
Bud Tribble. Vice President of Software Technology (privacy here)

It’s great to see the execs giving interviews, each to a suitable audience.

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