Mac Power Users Merchandise

I would pay £10 more per t-shirt if I knew I didn’t have to worry about healthcare.

Well, what a coincidence! :grinning:

I chuckled about the comment about a mug. These tumblers took forever to get made!

Oh, what took so long?

Everything in production is slow right now. We had to wait until YETI had the complete set of blank tumblers in stock before they would print them. Took a a while

It was well worth it.

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Affected by COVID-19?

It’s not £10 more, it’s way more after taxes and handling.

In the UK we do pay for health care, just not directly at the point of use, or via insurance which means there are no surprises for anyone or people choosing not to get treated because they can’t afford it. We pay for it through the many, many taxes we pay including PAYE (Taxes on wages), National Insurance (another tax on wages), VAT (Sales Tax) and all of the other bits and pieces when watching national TV or running a car (Car Tax, Expensive Insurance and tax on Petrol or Diesel.)


As your post indicates, there are no free lunches. We pay one way or another. It’s like the claim of “free shipping.” It is not free, it is merely embedded in the product or service price. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t bite, but I could imagine the uproar if asked to pay 40%+ in tax & NI…

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Curious what allowances you had in mind?

Unfortunately at our tiny scale there aren’t any good options for juggling inventory or tshirt orders between the continents. :frowning: :neutral_face:

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I honestly don’t know. I support a few podcasts on Relay with Membership and I’d love some Merch, but when I’ve bought it in the past, it’s cost me an arm and a leg. E.g. a Hoodie I bought from Upgrade cost more than £70 all in.

I appreciate that the UK is relatively a small market compared to North America, but I was wondering if Cotton Bureau offered options to print and ship in the UK. Yep, mugs would be difficult, but T’s and Hoodies should be available from other vendors.

Like I said, I’m not looking to make masses of new work for the hosts, I just want to be able to take part.

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I completely understand, I just wanted to make you aware that there is interest outside the US.

Believe me, I am. Remember, my partner is in the UK :smiley:


IDEA: Myke hand-delivers classy mugs and shirts all over the UK.

I’d sign up for a Myke Hurley T-Shirt Tour the next time he comes to the US!