New Merch for 2021

Hey gang, we’ve been talking about this for a little while here on the forums, but I’m super excited to share our new merch: the MPU Classy Tumblr and Tee



We have a limited number of tumblers, and once they are gone, they’re gone. Shirts are available for pre-order until May 4!


So how slim fit are we talking for the standard shirt? I usually get the XL Gildan shirts from Cotton Bureau, but I like color selection of the standard shirts better. The Gildan shirts are advertised as oversized, but I would not describe them that way, so I am cautious on their sizing guide.

There are sizing charts at the bottom of the product page that hopefully will be helpful!

We’ll get codes for free shirts as they sell. Here’s the first one:


It was taken, not by me.

I was hoping I could still snag that code while I had the chance, but I ended up procrastinating. Fingers crossed for more codes! :cry::crossed_fingers:

Yup, patiently waiting for another code! It all started from that one topic you created.

My mug order is in. I’ve been commuting right through the pandemic for about two hours a day, and have been looking for something new for my morning coffee. Great timing!

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I just noticed that there’s no “Vintage Green Tri-Blend” option.

Another shirt code: AFGTNJWTG7

Is that a code for the tumbler?

It’s a code for someone else’s t-shirt. :cry:

Are codes not being given away for the tumblers?

Cotton Bureau only does t-shirt codes. Which makes sense, t-shirts are items they produce themselves :slight_smile:

Very Classy

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Look what arrived yesterday. Quality and design are great!


First hot beverage! Pardon the chaos.


I really wasn’t going to order a Tumbler.

I have, however, ordered a Tumbler.

(Narrator: He was always going to order a Tumbler.)

TruFact (:tm:)

When I first heard either David or Stephen talking about this, I thought they were talking about and I was very confused.

Historical Footnote: Tumblr was my favorite social media network/platform back before whatever they did that ended up driving away everyone I knew who used it.

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I just got my MPU tumbler in the mail yesterday and it’s AWESOME! Great job, David and Stephen!

My only possible gripe is… maybe you should have printed “Mac Power Users” above or below the battery logo? My only reason for that is today, a co-worker saw me drinking from it during a Zoom meeting, and she said, “Why does your cup have a battery on it?” Ugh! Ignorant Windows user!! I want to advertise your podcast a little more to people watching me sip from it, but the uninitiated are not going to get it.

On the other hand, her question did start a conversation about what the battery meant, and ended with me text messaging her a link to your podcast. And while she is a Windows user, she does have an iPhone and she is a tech enthusiast, so you might have a new listener!