Macmini users what are you using for a Cam?

I’ve been happy with my M1 Macmini (for the most part) but I’ve been doing zoom calls using my iPad’s camera, while sharing my desktop using zoom on the Macmini. I would like to get a good camera that just works. I would prefer a USB camera as the BT is still flaky on the M1


The Logitech C920 is a nice 1080p webcam. Their Brio is an even nicer 4K option.

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Seconding the C920. Does the Brio give substantially better image quality (low light, focus, etc.) or does it just give 4K?

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Check out this thread:


As I don’t use it for work, I just picked up a cheap Chinese one from eBay which works well with my M1 mini. It was $15. Ended up using a Jawbone BT speaker for a mic, as the webcam one was really weak. The setup works great!

I got a 920, it’s not that good. Really bad dynamic range and you can get blown out skin tones. My solution was to set up a older mirrorless camera, it has worked really well and the image is soooo much better than the web cameras I’ve seen

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I would expect so, given the size & cost of a mirrorless camera relative to a webcam. :slight_smile:

It was free … old camera that I didn’t use