Suggestion for Webcam to mount on LG monitor while using M1 MBP

I’ve decided that I need to use my larger monitor for some Zoom calls so I can actually see spreadsheets when being shared. They are way too small on a 13" MBP. :slight_smile:

There is an older thread about webcams here but it does not really provide me the answer I need.

Do you have a recommendation for a high quality webcam with software that is stable when running Big Sur and on an M1, thought the M1 issue may or may not be a factor?

I use the Logitech StreamCam Plus Webcam for Zoom calls. Works great on my M1 Mac mini. Video looks great. I didn’t install the Logitech software. In fact, the only place I can see the camera settings is to go to the Zoom preferences. I don’t use the camera with any other apps.

I don’t know if M1 is a factor (I do not have one), but I do have a Logitech C920S Pro webcam. Excellent quality and never causes a problem. I think that is the older model, the C920X is the current model.

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Re: Logitech Capture software. From the Logitech website: “Logitech Capture is not compatible with Apple M1 Macs on macOS 11 (Big Sur). Currently, Logitech Capture is only compatible with Intel Macs on macOS 10.14, 10.15, and 11 (Big Sur). You will need to use Logitech Capture version 2.06 or higher if you are on macOS 11 (Big Sur).” However, like I stated above, it works well on the M1 without their software.

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You guys are great! This is what I needed, thanks a million!

PS I’m considering this one. Any thoughts/advice?


This one (It is available on Amazon though shows sold out on Logitech’s site):

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That Brio sure looks good. I don’t know if all of the features will be available through the Zoom preferences, but maybe once Logitech Capture is updated for the M1, they may be available through L Capture. Here are the settings available to me for my camera in the Zoom preferences.


I have taken to using my iPhone through Camo. I mount the phone on a tripod positioned respectably to show me as though I am looking somewhat into the camera while looking at the monitor page itself.

The advantage is that I can set the FoV to narrower than the standard wide angle on typical webcams.

The downside is that the app seems to drain the battery on the phone while in use.



I pulled the trigger on the Brio webcam. Thanks again for the advice and input!

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Personally I’m about to return the Brio again. Sure I liked the wide angle view and it was brighter, but for the heck of it I couldn’t get the image to look natural/good for my video calls in either Zoom or Teams … for a 4K Webcam it always looked extremely washed out and honestly the webcam of my new Intel Macbook Pro (for work) looked more pleasing to me … probably because of all the Computational madness Apple performs on his own cam?
Hope your Brio cam works better for you :blush:

That’s unfortunate to hear but the truth is I’m not all that concerned how I look in the video. The truth is that a slightly less than a sharp image might actually make me look better. :slight_smile: My main issue is having a decent WebCam on top of my monitor so I can use that instead of the 13 inch screen on my MacBook Pro to enable me to more clearly see shared spreadsheets and things of that nature.

Slightly same situation maybe :blush: as I also prefer to use my 24“ Monitor over the 13“ from the MacBook Pro. What I have learned from my company - if we do screen sharing we never use Video at the same time, so it’s fine to not look at my Macbook Pro cam. When we are actually using video I’m fine with looking at the smaller screen.

I had spent way too much time looking for a webcam in the last weeks it seems :sweat_smile:

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A developer named Mactaris has an $8 app on the Mac App Store called ‎Webcam Settings which gives access to basic features of a lot of webcams.

I bought it after reading about it somewhere and have found it useful for controlling pan/zoom/crop features. You can get settings the way you want them and save them to the camera and also save them in the app itself.

IIRC, the developer (see first link) has a list of cameras that it works for, but it’s not exhaustive, so just because your camera isn’t on there doesn’t mean it won’t work, especially if other cameras from same company are on there.

App is simple menu-bar app, but loads better than installing any of the bloatware from Logitech or other companies which, I assume, offer equally poor software. It’s an Intel app but works fine on the M1.


Now that is not helpful because you are taking away my excuse to expense a webcam. :grin: But, I’m good because it is already ordered and receipt submitted. :grinning:

Not something a lot of people use, but if you have an old DSLR, you can use it with Elgato Cam Link. This is the best quality you can get.

I have an excellent DSLT but it is too big to fool with in the office, and I might add, expensive to have sitting around. :slight_smile:

I came to the same frustrating conclusion that I can’t use my MBP for Zoom calls either. Nice to know I’m not alone! I just bought the Logitech C920x but haven’t connected it yet

Great minds … :slight_smile:

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I think you’ll like the Brio quite a bit. I’m using the 922 (doing 65 degree FOV, 60fps 720p.) It’s not quite as much control as I’d like over high contrast lighting, with or without the use of Logitech’s software, so I ended up softening the overhead light with translucent material over the inset and balancing with two lamps reflecting off the walls to the side of the screen. As Sir Roger Deakins says, it’s way less work to just fix the shot than to go to a lot of trouble in editing. :wink:

… but not so great eyes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: