Using Logitech webcams on Mac

I have just purchased a Logitech webcam (C920) which, according to Amazon, was suitable for Mac. It now appears that Logitech do not provide a MacOS software suite with the webcam (they do with Windows) and do not ‘approve’ its use on Mac.

While apps on the Mac do recognise and use the webcam, the reason I purchased it was to get better control of the lighting, zoom, colour balance functions etc. This is not possible without an additional app.

There is a ‘Logitech Camera Settings’ app in the store which has not been updated for 2 years and the support guys at Logitech appear not to have heard about it. It has regular glitches and some of the settings do not work.

Has anyone else had issues with using Logitech webcams on their Macs and, if so, can you recommend any good control software? Many thanks.

Are you using v2.5.12 dated 16.July.2018? I normally just use the default setting so I haven’t noticed any problems.

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Thanks for your reply Wayne. Unfortunately the v2.5.12 you refer to is for Windows only, there is no Mac version which is the issue I am raising. When you click on the OS button it just offers different versions of Windows.

I use been using an app called Webcam Settings with my Logitech C930e for years and it continues to serve me well. Despite not being updated for since 2014, I haven’t run into any issues using this app in Mojave.

I use Webcam Settings to override some of the default settings, including adjusting the Zoom level and turning off autofocus. I create presets so that I can pull up settings easily.

I’ve also used this app with a variety of other cameras without issue. So, I expect it would work fine with the C920 as well.

On a side note, if anyone knows of anything similar to Webcam Settings that’s in active development…I’d appreciate you posting the name/link. While Webcam Settings gets the job done, I’m concerned that it will stop working in a future version of macOS.w


Strange. I downloaded and reinstalled v2.5.12 earlier today using Safari.


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Thanks Tim. I have seen this app referred to on the web. It generally gets good feedback but, like you say, it is concerning that it may stop working at some point.

I will give it a go as the Logitech one is causing issues when used with Screenflow. There is a point where the zoom stops working when the camera is used inside the app.

Thanks Wayne… I have got it now. This issue seems to be that on the Logitech C920 page the software is not listed…

But on this page for the C930 is it…

I have installed it and it seems to be fine. Many thanks!

You’re very welcome, Tim.

I’ve been using Screenflow for years and haven’t noticed any incompatibilities with WebCam Settings. Having said that, I don’t typically record video with Screenflow (only the screen and audio).

After trying may different Logitech sites and links, here is one that has Mac software version that supports OS 10.14 and works.

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