MacOS app for audio transcription

What MacOS app would you recommend to simplify process of transcribing audio? Apps like Audacity are fine, but I’m looking for something even more specific, easy to use with noise reduction filters etc.

No experience with it but perhaps will work for you.

Here is a review by Allison Sheridan over on


I’ve used Transcriva but it’s pretty old and not actively updated. It does work with a USB foot pedal which is a huge help if you have a lot to do.

I also considered switching to F5 which I’d recommend of these two if your budget allows it. Their book is worth reading in any case:

Note that they recommend Audacity for pre-transcription noise reduction.

I’ve used Otter recently and been quite happy with the results, even for multi-speaker and less than ideal audio.

I use Temi, which is owned by Rev (which does human transcription rather than auto-generated). Their automatic transcription is getting better all the time, and it’s usually good enough for me to figure out what was said and make corrections, at least if it’s not too long afterward. Temi recently raised prices from $.10 to $.25 per minute of audio. It’s still worth it to me, because I’m turning around articles on deadline, but that’s a factor to consider.

I may try to see how it stacks up.

Thanks. Is any other standalone MacOS app with one-time payment worth trying?