MacOS Catalina is out!

Well I think the title says it all. It’ll be interesting to see if it has as many hiccups as iOS 13. Has there been any major long-standing issues with the beta? I didn’t want to hazard that beta program.


I’m holding off for a while. I still have some software I need that have not gone fully to 64 bit.

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No 32-bit apps in my personal laptop so going to give it a try when I get home.

I’m in the process of upgrading my MacBook Pro. I may hold off on upgrading my iMac for a couple of weeks as it looks like there are some known issues with Hazel.


Hazel is not working properly, so is Karabiner and some other low level tools.
So if you rely on those, I’d hold off for a bit.

I use Hazel regularly on my iMac. I also use Karabiner on both my Macs (to remap the Caps Lock yet), but could manage without it for now.

Has anyone had any luck with a clean install? Unlike past years, the download seems to be just a partial installer, with the rest downloaded during the process. (Or I’m doing something horribly wrong). I’ve downloaded it a few times to make sure there wasn’t a glitch, and the “Install macOS Catalina” file is about 19 MB, whereas the Install macOS Sierra file I still have in my Applications folder is 4.97 GB.

UPDATE: Interestingly, when I try this on my MacBook Pro (the above was on my iMac), clicking the download button in the App Store jumps me over to the normal update location (Software Update pane in System Preferences), and starts the download. Not sure why my iMac stayed in the App Store, and my MacBook took me to the normal update location.

Just checked the website, karabiner says it supports Catalina. Was there an update?

I am using the latest public beta of Catalina and Hazel works for me. I’ll admit that I only use Hazel to watch a couple of folders and move any files in those to other folders. I did find that to create a new hazel “rule(?)” I could not use the + on the folders tab but if I dragged a folder in it worked fine. Otherwise working well for me. I am not suggesting that everything will work with more complex rules.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with Hazel, @neonate.

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Too much 32-bit software here, and I still want to run Aperture. So no Catalina for me. I’m also holding off on iOS 13 as there seems to be many issues there as well.

I’m not happy with these annual updates, which means dropping support for older systems too soon. I’m running Sierra on my server because it got lobotomized in High Sierra and beheaded in Mojave. My MacBookPro won’t run anything beyond High Sierra.


…hmm, my Catalina download was 8.09 Gb
(From System Prefs)

That’s what I’m getting, too, on my MacBook Pro. Not sure why my iMac gives me the tiny file. Part of the reason I’m doing a clean install on the iMac is because of various little glitches like this over the past several months (and another one, as I type this, I can’t seem to get it to boot from my clean install USB - it keeps trying to go into System Recovery).

(Yet another update - that seems to be where it goes by default now, which wasn’t the case in past clean installs)

Only if Corporate VPN converts the VPN software to 64 but ASAP, I can upgrade to Catalina. :frowning:

Thanks - Hazel and Karabiner are dealbreakers for me.

Probably not an area where you want to be an early adopter!

Best to wait until 10.15.1 (or later) or at least until those brave enough or with a spare drive to test the installation.

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Before upgrading Superduper!


Catalina reformats the drive into two partitions. I don’t know how readily one can go back – you might have to erase and reformat the drive first.

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One of my Macs (2016 MacBook Pro) is now running on Catalina.

The upgrade process was relatively smooth - though I did end up forcing a restart after the “Setting Up Your Mac” screen sat there without change for 30+ minutes at the end of the install.

Fortunately the restart was successful. Though, the number of notifications presented was dizzying. It seems I’m being asked for notification permission for every app on my Mac, in addition to being required to make security-related changes in System Preferences for some of my apps. Not the best user experience.


Yep and IF it changes the firmware you can’t go back at all. Not without mayor surgery…