macOS Monterey 12.3 Update Bricking Macs That Have Had Logic Board Replacements

I’mma hold off for 12.3.1…

Aside: how is it that there are this many 2021 MBP owners who have had their logic boards replaced? No one has had their machine for more than six months… or am I missing something?

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I found this headline curious as the logic board of my 2018 Mac mini was replaced this past summer (two lighting strikes, a bit more than a week apart, doing the damage). And I had no issues upgrading to macOS 12.3.

Clicking through I saw that this appears to only impact laptops.

I guess I dodged a bullet …

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My first M1 MBA started constantly rebooting shortly after I unboxed and set it up. I exchanged it the next day. Could be it was one of a bad batch?


I think there is a known issue with the new MBP where they need to be replaced, and it’s impacting a lot of users.

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