macOS wish list for 2022

What’s your wish?

I’ll start:
Can we please have the Full Disk Access app list sorted by name?


+1 This

And, why do apps get to ask for full-disk access, get denied, then get to stay on the list – e.g., why would “Google Software” need full-disk and why would anyone grant it?


My number one wish is for Apple to enhance Apple Mail and give it as much attention as Apple has given to iWork, Reminders and Notes.

My second wish is for Apple Notes to work with MD or at least be able to export to plain text, MD and Pages/Word.

UPDATE Jan. 4: And AN provide backlinking and easier way to copy a note link on Mac without “sharing” it first. In iOS one only has to copy the link—much easier.


I’d be pretty happy if they just went through and figured out how certain processes go completely off the rails and just keep burning through CPU / RAM / swap / etc.


Seconding @Bmosbacker’s wish for Apple Mail enhancement and @webwalrus’s wish for general performance enhancements.

Unhide. All. The. Things.

So many UI elements unnecessarily require additional clicks and are also made harder to script.

Notifications, I’m looking at you.


Fix bugs! message archiving with folder auto-completion.

Reminder App to include „exclude“ options in smart lists - like „does not“ have tag xyz

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Redesigned Settings/System Preferences app, please!

A Clock app would be nice too.


It’ll be harder to figure out than iPadOS, but I really want widgets on my desktop and App Library.

At this point, shouldn’t the whole Privacy domain get its own row in System Preferences?
Or its own “App”?

It’s both so MANY different settings now, and such a separate domain from “do you want the dock this big… or THIS big?” that it really deserves the “space” of its own app and the time and attention it would take to build a new experience that is created from scratch with an actual “user story” design philosophy. Cause right now it sucks, as many of you have pointed out…

Hell, just make a slider with low, medium or high “privacy” and show advanced views in addition.


(1) Cross-references in Pages
(2) Revamped Mail app
(3) Thorough de-bugging and removal of old unneeded cruft
(4) System-wide Theasaurus

Just my tuppeny worth!

Better API for managing Tags. It still feels like devs have to roll alot of their own features in.

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