MacSparky Obsidian Field Guide

Thank you, MacSparky, for the Obsidian Field Guide. It has helped me become an impassioned Obsidian user. I watched all of the content within 2 days and I look forward to the “plus edition” content. I have probably installed/briefly tried/uninstalled Obsidian at least 10 times in the past couple of years. It never stuck. So when the Obsidian Field Guide was released I immediately purchased the Plus Edition. I figured that it was worth it, for once and all, to help me make a final decision on Obsidian. Sparky’s clear explanation of YAML and dataview is what sealed the deal for me. To me, those are the killer features in Obsidian and his explanations made it “click” for me. By the end of the second day I was able to develop a vault that I use as a relational database (many-to-many relationships) for my gardening data. It’s still a work in progress and will serve as a model for other vaults that I want to create.

Again, Sparky, thank you and congratulations on another great Field Guide.


I guess its only available for insiders, for now. When will it be available for the general audience?

Don’t know for sure, but I would guess it’s gonna be in the next few days. :grinning:

It’ll be live Wednesday, and this Sunday’s episode of MPU is all about it!


Some example content on @MacSparky’s YouTube channel.


Hi Gang, Obsidian Field Guide LIves! This one was a tough one because the app can really be anything. How do you teach that?

I think I got there. But it took awhile. :wink:


Your Field Guides are outstanding, some of the best I’ve seen. We are blessed to have you producing them.

It’s so tempted to purchase it to see what I’m missing, having used Obsidian multiple times but then defaulting to default apps. Oh that Siren Song! :rofl:


Hey, if you are like me you aren’t an Obsidian user, but you’re buying the guide just for the master lesson on how to teach (plus the generalizable applications!)


I’ve tried and dismissed Obsidian more times than I can count. Each time I tell myself I just don’t like that app.

And I just purchased the Obsidian Field Guide Plus Edition. :rofl:


I was in that camp (for years), until I purchased the Field Guide. :grinning:

I really like Obsidian’s modular approach. I like that I can install and uninstall both core and community plugins. Change the look and feel that works with my brain.

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Just curious: Is there an upgrade path from the Standard Edition to the Plus Edition if we buy the standard, and later on determine that we need more?


Just in case you need a refresher :wink:

If you want to upgrade later @RussWinn , send me an email. :wink:

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You got there @MacSparky.

For everyone else:

  • I’ve been using Obsidian for the last year and a half, and I like it, but I’ve never felt comfortable living within it.
  • I’ve done a few courses but they all overreached or oversold.
  • I’ve had David’s guide for a few weeks now, and I’ve been dipping in and out of it, and it’s genuinely helped me tweak how I use Obsidian so it’s easier to live in.
  • The content is straight-forward (there’s no hype - yay!) and the lessons build nicely upon each other so it’s (a) easy to learn incrementally, while also (b) easy to wander around the, cherry-picking what I most want to learn.

(I don’t love the teachable platform, but it is good enough and it got easier to use when I turned off my content blockers!)

I only have two questions: what font do you use for your interface font in your personal vault? what theme are you using?

You are not being helpful at all! :rofl:

That’s what I need, a vaccine in my own words. :rofl:

@Clarke_Ching - Typological. Really nice, right? Here’s a screenshot for folks who haven’t seen it.


I think it was released today.

Another great course from @MacSparky.

I am about halfway through it. It is a good refresher but also highlights features that I was unfamiliar with. Definitely worth it for a new user.

The downside is that it has prompted me to rebuild my vault to incorporate new workflow processes and design features.

Truth be told though, tinkering with Obsidian is one of its joys :grinning:, its flexibility to allow you to design a personalised system is really one of its key points.

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