MacSparky on the Mac App Store

Gang … I can’t help but share this link. Only works in the Mac App Store. It was really fun being a part of this with Apple.


Hi David: Why MindNode 6 vs iThoughts? please let me know & thank you for all that you do :slight_smile:

Nice, David! Can you share what it was like to work on the story with them? I assume they sent out the photographer?

The decision to italicize YouTube seems strange. I guess they are calling it a work of software and treating it like MindNode and OmniFocus, but to me, it seems different, especially in the context of someone hosting a channel—I assume they wouldn’t italicize CNN or another general company name. Any style guide experts care to comment? :slight_smile:

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Great article, but I wish they wouldn’t lock these stories away within the Mac App Store. They’re almost worse than Facebook links.


David, this is excellent! A well-deserved recognition of your outstanding contributions to the Apple community!


Congratulations! Awesome to see you getting recognized in the broader Apple community.

As an aside, the link to the story works on my iPad so it seems any version of the app store works for reading.


Working with the Apple team was great. The photo shoot was, for me, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


I prefer the simplicity of MindNode. Both apps are great but I really like my node and I particularly like the development cycle. They are always improving.


Great Job @MacSparky, So happy for you! All of your hard work paying off! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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If it’s anything like when they took a picture of me for the access card at work, your life will never be the same again!

Great article and I’m so happy for you. Loved your work for years and you deserve it!

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well done, got me thinking about going back to OF

Worse than that if you are not on Mojave you can’t see it at all! I get asked to upgrade and that’s it.

I was going to at least copy/paste the text of the article out so you could read it… but you can’t even copy text out of the Mac App Store app.

Oh well. I don’t want to be a karma-suck about a great thing happening, I just wish Apple had web previews of these articles like they do with apps, etc.

I stitched together some screen shots for the benefit of those who aren’t able to view this feature…and to preserve this for posterity. Congrats @MacSparky!

p.s. You’ll need to download this image to see the whole story.


Thank you for that. Great pictures BTW and I appreciate your time so the rest of us could see the article.

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You’re very welcome, @OogieM!

It was awesome… Congrats!!! I showed this post to all my family, they don’t care but I was like… " I hear his podcasts and read his blog and he is on the App Store"


Many Many Congrats David!

Hey David, Been a fan for years! Well deserved and well done!