MacUpdater ($10/once) is much better than MacUpdate ($40/year)

I have been using MacUpdate Desktop on and off for several years, but have never been thrilled with it. For $40/year (they sell it as $20/six months for some reason, presumably to make people think it costs less) there was very little progress on the app or service.

Although the MacUpdate website is a nice service for the community, the app itself is not great.

A little over a year ago I came across MacUpdater which is a much better app, and which finds many more app updates. The best part is that the app is a one-time fee of 9.99$/€ rather than a subscription.

The app has been very well supported and regularly updated, and I can heartily recommend it.


I will second the recommendation.

I was a past user of MacUpdate Desktop but stopped buying it when they went to the current pricing. I was recently made aware of MacUpdater and ran the free trial before deciding I wanted to purchase.

I recently has to submit two reports about apps that were showing up with updates available that weren’t true and the both were responded to quickly.

I recently bought macupdater (following @tjluoma advice in a topic about mac AppStore updating problems) and I can second (or third :thinking::roll_eyes:) the recommendation too.

Great little app, worth the price.

Maybe I’m grandfathered in, but I’m paying $20/yr for my yearly Macupdate membership, not $40.

The watch lists and the 1-click installs are worth it for me, and I like supporting the website, which is open to all (without the app or the watchlists). After Versiontracker died this is the last good site which offers Apple-specific info and downloads and user-votes (with upvoted app alternatives). While there are several sites like AlternativeTo which have votes and app alternatives, I do appreciate the all-in-one, Apple-oriented focus of MacUpdate.

tw: subscription

The updater feature in CleanMyMac X works well for me. It’s included in setapp if you’re a subscriber (I’m not).


That’s what it used to cost, but if you go to now you will see this:

I’m not saying that they purposefully changed it to $20/six-months because some people might not realize they were paying more than they previously paid, but I will say that I don’t know any other site that shows their price as a six-month subscription.

(Sort of like when you go to buy groceries and realize they’ve reduced the contents to include less but kept the price the same.)

@tjluoma, any input on how it compares to CleanMyMac X? I’ve also had decent experience with CleanMyMac.

Unfortunately I haven’t used CleanMyMac to update apps, so I can’t say how they compare.

I’m also a big fan of MacUpdater. I purchased it in November 2018 and have been a very happy user since day one. The database of Mac apps is extensive and well maintained and the developer is exceptionally friendly and responsive.

I’m up for renewal in a year for $20:

Like I said, I’m probably grandfathered-in:


I’ve found MacUpdater better than CleanMyMac - it finds plenty CleanMyMac didn’t.

MacUpdate worked great 4 years ago. It’s been a P.o.S for me after the first year. It stopped updating using the desktop app (foregroud or background) and the support folks would only tell me to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

The o my way I could ever get updates would be going to the site in a web browser.

I already use CleanMyMac, and that updater works with apps that are installed from and outside of the App Store.

Never tried MacUpdater, and if CMM ever stops working, I’ll consider it.

Thanks for the recommendation!

MacUpdater 2.0 is out:

It’s a new, one-time, $14.99 purchase; still no subscription!

EDIT: There’s also a $34.99 Pro version:

Jumped straight for the Pro - as it had the one thing I was desperately missing which was set a scheduled time for the scan.

I missed the upgrade pricing by about 2 weeks though!

What can you do on the command-line with Pro?

No idea! I’ve emailed them asking for documentation on it as it’s not clear or in the FAQ etc.

I was going to suggest the same thing.


Had a response, currently with the command line you can list / scan and update.
Apparently it’s still beta quality and improvements are coming, but works ok for me.
They will have an auto update feature coming which might be useful for the little 'uns machines.

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