Maestral replaces Dropbox's software

Continuing the discussion from Dropbox now native on Apple Silicon:

+1 on Maestral (open source replacement for Dropbox’s software which uses Dropbox’s API to do the Dropbox sync). A few problems when I first started using it around the first of the year but rock solid now.

I was surprised at what a pig the Dropbox software was. My old 2015 MacBook Pro used to stall and wind the fans up; not any more. Made the old beast usable again.

Maestral only syncs. But that’s fine with me. The only thing I miss is the ability to right click on a Dropbox file and get a share link. Now I have to use a file sending app or go to the Dropbox website. I can live with that.


Maestral doesn’t do block-level sync which is a big deal for me. If you have big chunky files and a change happens, Maestral has to re-sync the entire thing. Native Dropbox client will only sync the delta

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Yeah, this for me is the killer Dropbox feature at this point. The rest is nice but a 5gb Photoshop file is a bear to re-sync repeatedly.