Mailplane stops selling licenses

Mailplane is a special-purpose web browser designed for the sole purpose of accessing Gmail. I use it daily and have, off and on, for significantly more than 10 years.

Changes to the Gmail API make it no longer practical to keep updating the app.


Yeah, I hate this.

I mean, I get that Google are trying to make things secure, but that they would not work with Mailplane, whose entire business is selling this app, really sucks.

I “manage” a lot of Gmail accounts for various orgs that I work with, and switching between them is a complete PITA without Mailplane. It’s the easiest way to manage multiple Gmail accounts easily, and it lets you use Mac-specific keyboard shortcuts too.

Mailplane is the Mac app that Google should have made, but I guess they think everyone can just use Chrome. :roll_eyes: :face_vomiting:

Verdict: :-1:


This one hurts. Even though I haven’t used it in years, it’s a bummer to see this.