Mailplane stops selling licenses

Mailplane is a special-purpose web browser designed for the sole purpose of accessing Gmail. I use it daily and have, off and on, for significantly more than 10 years.

Changes to the Gmail API make it no longer practical to keep updating the app.


Yeah, I hate this.

I mean, I get that Google are trying to make things secure, but that they would not work with Mailplane, whose entire business is selling this app, really sucks.

I “manage” a lot of Gmail accounts for various orgs that I work with, and switching between them is a complete PITA without Mailplane. It’s the easiest way to manage multiple Gmail accounts easily, and it lets you use Mac-specific keyboard shortcuts too.

Mailplane is the Mac app that Google should have made, but I guess they think everyone can just use Chrome. :roll_eyes: :face_vomiting:

Verdict: :-1:


This one hurts. Even though I haven’t used it in years, it’s a bummer to see this.


I’ve noticed a slowdown this week, and some graphics breaking.

Any thoughts on what we should switch to?

What is the new Mailplane.
:love_letter: :frowning_face:

Mimestream is a native macOS mail client that uses the Gmail API (as opposed to IMAP). It’s what I’m currently using.

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I like Kiwi

On Monterey, Mailplane has become a memory and battery hog and, I think, is misbehaving during sleep such that if I don’t use the M1 MBAir for more than a few days, I can return to a computer with 0% battery left.

So it’s time to say goodbye to my old friend Mailplane.

Is there anything viable besides Mimestream? I prefer the Gmail style layout of Mailplane. Perhaps I can do a Chrome single site browser, but how can that solution have logins for multiple Gmail accounts? Mailplane handled that flawlessly.

I don’t need free - I’m willing to pay for such a mission-critical app.


What do you use for gmail, Stephen?

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I routinely work with two accounts open in my browser.

Mimestream has been my Mac app for a while.

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I’ll try using Mimestream for a week and see if I can get used to the layout. I suppose I could also just use Spark, but that’s just the iMap approach and not the API, correct?

I believe so, but I’m not sure.

I went back to Airmail.

Mimestream is the only app that I’m aware of that uses the API like it does. Everything else I’ve seen uses IMAP.

For those who prefer the Gmail-style, Kiwi for Gmail is another option. I believe it is subscription outside the Mac App Store but it used to be available in the Mac App Store as a one-time purchase.

I’m sad about losing Mailplane; it’s been good to me and it’s disappointing that Google hasn’t treated it well lately. I’d encourage you to use Mimestream because it’s quite good already, and so you can also help make it better!

I have been using Spark Mail which is also great, as it sync between devices.

I’ve had to put Mimestream aside until it supports priority mail, which is essential to how I use gmail. Other than that, it’s great.

As a former Mailplane user I find Mimestream tempting. But based on their feature set and roadmap (site licenses ?) I expect it may be a somewhat pricey subscription.

I see no use starting a “relationship” that is doomed from the start. :cry:

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