Major SolarWinds Hack

This is a disaster that has secretly been going on since March without anybody knowing.

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I’ve noticed that the ad-reads for “Pingdom by SolarWinds” have changed to ad-reads for “Pingdom”.

Probably a good idea.

See also:

SolarWinds Adviser Warned of Lax Security Years Before Hack

Not sure how SolarWinds survives this. It seems they were completely asleep at the wheel.

Don’t worry, though, I’m sure the CEO will be fine, it’s only the rank-and-file who will suffer the consequences.

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No matter what happens to the customers. If the CEO is “forced out”, their board cronies will reward them with massive cash payouts and perks as a good-bye present.

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Disaster is right. It’s now looking like SolarWinds wasn’t the only software used to accomplish the hacks.

I wonder if the same thing will happen to Tim Sweeney. :laughing:

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Coincidence? I spoke too soon…