Mastermind Group follow-up and encouragement

Hi fellow Focussed listeners,

I’m posting this to encourage you to join a Mastermind Group.

Nearly a year ago, David and Mike produced a Focused episode with Laura McClellan, and they spoke about mastermind groups. Since then, a number of groups were set up on the forum. For example, I’m in a group that includes @mgguinne and @Dudley228 and we meet once every two weeks on average.

As it turns out, I was on a family holiday in near the city Michael lives in, and we decided to run an extra Mastermind group (on the off-week) where the two of us were in the same location! We then caught up over lunch where we discussed - among other topics - making the most of our respective career opportunities, systems for managing finances, how to implement our learnings from podcasts and books (rather than just bingeing them!), and the possibility of travelling together from Australia to visit Jason and attend MacStock 2020.

In summary, I’ve loved the opportunity to meet together as part of this Mastermind group since early last year, and being able to meet people face-to-face epitomises how much I’ve benefited from these groups. As Chris Bailey says, people are the reason for productivity. And the opportunity to share what’s going on in life and be held accountable as much as you like is a wonderful use of technology.

A massive thank you to David and Mike for producing the aforementioned Focused episode and contributing to the formation of these groups.

To help interested people join a Mastermind group, and to spread the encouragement, would other people be willing to share their experience with Mastermind groups so far, and, if their groups are open to new members, when you meet?

(Our group will be meeting at irregular times for the next couple months as some of us have changes in our circumstances and availability.)