Mastermind Groups


I’d like to join, and the noon / 1pm est zoom works well for me.


Hi, I’d be interested in joining too please but I am in Australia, so the 6pm CST (which would be 10am 19 March for me) would be better (otherwise its a 4am start …) Thanks!


Another Australian interested!


I want in!
I’m in NYC, UTC-04:00.


I’m interested. Could do either time on Monday.


I am intrigued, and would like to attend.


I am interested too!


I would be interested in the 6 CST call.


I’m afraid I have some bad news, gang… I got bit by the flu bug yesterday and have completely lost my voice, so unfortunately I’m going to have to postpone today’s calls. Let’s shoot for next Monday (the 25th) at the same times (12pm & 6pm CST). Sorry everyone! :disappointed_relieved:


No worries. Get well!


As I go to put this on my calendar, I can’t help but notice that a conference call at 12pm on the 25th would overlap with Apple’s “It’s show time!” event. That might depress turnout among the MPU crowd. :wink:


What about on Tuesday to avoid the Apple conflict as @ChrisUpchurch mentions


Oh man, how’d I miss that? Tuesday the 26th at 12pm and 6pm CST works.

By the way, if you can’t make the call it doesn’t mean you can’t get plugged into a group. I just want to help get things rolling. If Tuesday the 26th doesn’t work but you still want to be involved, no worries!


No problem! Get well!


Get well soon, Mike!


Sounds good, only glitch on my end is the sheep shearer, who was stuck in the blizzard, has finally been dug out and gotten truck and shearing machine fixed and may be over here to shear sheep. Whatever day she is arriving that’s suddenly the most important task of the day. I’ll probably only get a few hours notice too. But until I get the call from her I’m in for this call.


Definitely interested in joining a Mastermind group. Hit me up please so I can get in on this.


Continuing the discussion from Mastermind Groups:

Hi, I would be interested in being part of a mastermind group. I’m in the U.K. and work 9 to 5 ‘for the man’ and so some of the times for the introductory calls are difficult for me. I’d be interested to hook up with anyone in the U.K. or farther afield. I think a virtual mastermind would work best for me.

I like @OogieM ‘s idea regarding writing a small ‘resume’ and using this as a method of bringing suitable people together, perhaps Mike or David could facilitate this? What ‘suitable’ is I don’t know. I’d be looking for people with a diversity of locations and experience but with a common goal of self improvement, both at home and at work.

Mini resume: 48yr old, grandfather of a 3yr old, going to be a father again in 4 months :blush:, have worked in financial services for 30 yrs with just two employers, my office is chaotic, found Apple products only 5 yrs ago, meditate daily, have lost 30lbs since new year, found my way here via GTD, Merlin Mann, OmniFocus, AE, RelayFM.


Bringing the right people together for a mastermind sounds like a big responsibility I’m not sure I’m comfortable committing to :wink: but I will help get things rolling. There are lots of different ways you can organize your own mastermind groups, including by country or region! But ultimately if you get awesome people together who all want to grow and improve, then magic happens.

In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing the calls got pushed back from me being sick since we hit on this again in episode 69. Based on the number of people who have responded, it sounds like there’s the possibility here for several groups. On the calls we’ll get to know each other a little better and I’ll answer any questions people have, but mastermind groups can self-organize on here too!

As a reminder to all who want to attend, the calls will happen on Zoom at 12pm and 6pm CST Tuesday, March 26th. I’ll post the links here ahead of time. If you want to come to the call with a mini-resume that’s cool, but here are the main questions for people to think over the call:

  • why do you want to join a mastermind group?
  • what to do you hope to achieve from joining?

I think the answers to those questions will probably make it easier to split up into groups.


Thanks for getting the ball rolling, @mikeschmitz! :wink:

I’m not a frequent poster here (although I should spend more time here and less time on Reddit), but when I heard the mention of the possibility of Focused listeners starting MasterMind groups while driving, I was so excited that I pulled over and made a three-minute video intro telling who am I, what I do, and what I’d like to get out of a MM group.

Don’t mind the scruffy beard and outfit, I work mostly from home. I clean up nicely when I need to fly or otherwise be presentable. :slight_smile:

That video was recorded before I read through the replies here, but I’m planning on joining one of the Xoom calls next week. I stated a preference of weeknight calls after 7:30 PM EST, but I can be open to other time slots for the right group!