Maxing out iOS multitasking

Based on a recommendation from @dustinknopoff over on the Automators forum, I’ve been working my way through the JavaScript 30 tutorials. I’ve got a trip coming up and I’m not planning to take a Mac, so I wanted to try doing one on my iPad to make sure I could make it work.


I’ve got Kodex on the left, Working Copy on the right and the tutorial video picture-in-picture. I use Split View a fair bit, but I think this is the first time I’ve had occasion to use it and have video going at the same time.

I’m curious, what excuses do folks find to run 3+ apps simultaneously on the iPad?

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But Kodex doesn’t execute the code right? Are you running it on an external server? Otherwise that seems like a big obstacle with this scenario.

Working Copy will preview HTML files, including running any embedded JavaScript (I’d rather be using Safari to view the file, but I haven’t figured out a solution for that yet). I may just end up getting Coda instead, but the Kodex/Working Copy does work.

@ChrisUpchurch how are you finding javascript30?

I’m only 3/30ths of the way through it, but it’s good so far.


I use split view quite a lot (very often to run DayOne, iThoughts) and swipe left to call mostly workflow app or LastPass.

Only use the picture on picture for the odd video but not often

I’d like to learn more about JS to be able to write scripts for example in Drafts. Not very interested in it as a web dev. Would this be a good option?


I’m in pretty much the same boat as you; I’m looking to learn JS because it seems to be the language of choice for app scripting these days (especially on iOS). I’ll probably be using it with things like Drafts, Scriptable, and OmniFocus.

So far (now four lessons in) JavaScript 30 does have somewhat of a web programming orientation (examples using JS to manipulate CSS and HTML) but I think the skills and language fundamentals that it teaches using these web-based examples are solid and would transfer over to scripting.

The other variable here is how much general programming experience you have. I’m coming at this as someone who’s been programming for a while (starting with Basic on an Apple IIe, mostly working in Python lately). I don’t think I’d want to come right into JavaScript 30 if it were my first time coding.

Thanks. I’ll have a look at it.

I’m not a web dev but have good understanding of css/html and have been learning a bit of python. In my particular case, though I’m curious about Python (and everyone tells me it’s easier), I think is for js that I have more use cases :grinning: exactly because of what you referred :point_down:

…and Shortcuts :wink:

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