Mimestream hits 1.0

Mimestream is officially released and no longer a beta app now. It’s felt like a release-quality app for a long time. Hard-working team (now up to five people.)

For anyone unaware, Mimestream is a Gmail client that uses the Gmail API instead of IMAP, which lets them offer fast and high quality search and deeply integrate with some other features. It’s a real Mac app and will remind you of Mail visually.

They released a splash of new features today. My favorite is the profiles that let you switch between groups of accounts. You can set different notification schedules for them and they can respond to Apple’s focus modes.

The price is $50/year with a $25 discount the first year for anyone already using the app.

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I’ve signed up for a year - as you can share it across 5 devices and family members it seemed ok.
If after a year and $50 there’s no sign of an iOS app I might reconsider.

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I am not one to like subscriptions, but this one was easy. Instant purchase.


Yay! This app is brilliant. And so solid.

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Interesting it is priced at exactly half of HEY - $50 a year. If it had an iOS app, it would have made some ground towards replacing HEY. Sadly, the HEY app on desktop isnt great and Mimestream is aweasome on the Mac.

decisions decisions… do i finally move away from Hey or maybe I push this decision another year and just get both …

why cannot email apps have everything I want lol… with that said, what I want keeps changing too lol

@cornchip do you know if Mimestream has on going costs to use the Gmail api its using. it is interesting, I do not know of any other app that is using the gmail api

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Both is the way to go!

The Gmail API is free with quotas.

I wish we would see more complete uses of an API like this. It’s kind of a crazy bet though. Neil might be nearly the only person with the work experience to pull off an email app that pleases both fans of Mac app design and former Mailplane users, and also passes Google’s production API security review.


How good is the app when you’re offline? What options does it have for caching old emails?

If I am not mistaken, are you not a HEY user

I am leaning towards both

Indeed. I switched to the @hey.com address and forward personal Gmail. For that account, I mostly use Mimestream for searching.

My heaviest use is for my work email on the work Mac. I keep work disconnected from Hey and almost never open Gmail on mobile, so that whole work context is concentrated into Mimestream.

Mimestream Vs MailMate

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MailMate is unbelievably fast and powerful. But in my case I found it choked when trying to download my massive G Suite email account, and there were also several documented tweaks to cope with GMail’s non-standard mapping between IMAP folders and labels, which I never got to understand. To be fair, I don’t know why other traditional IMAP mail clients like Thunderbird or Apple’s Mail do not have these issues --or at least I haven’t experienced them–, perhaps they have GMail specific adapters for Google accounts that Mailmate, being more adherent to the IMAP standard, does not.

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I’m a hard out on paying for Mimestream. I originally started using it for one purpose - to manage listserv email messages. It was never good at keeping all messages in an email thread together and it never got better. Thanks but no thanks.

MailMate. Everytime. Onetime Payment. No sub. Awesome dev. Awesome community. :slight_smile:


If I were hooked on Mailmate’s way, I don’t think I’d switch either. The voluntary subscription really helps Benny out, by the way.


Perhaps it’s worth a try, if I correctly remember Mailmate had a 30 day trial period. And yes, the dev is awesome.

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When you installed it, press the “Option” and click on “Mailmate” → “Check for Test Build”. It will then install the latest build of Mailmate.
Usually I don’t use beta software but Mailmate is very stable on test builds and it ensures that you will get the latest updates.

I had to finally leave Hey, just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I’m moving back to gmail because of Mimestream. Now to figure out what iOS & iPadOS app to use for Gmail while I wait for Mimestream’s app!

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I prefer the Gmail.app. It’s faster than Mail.app and search is excellent.

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I really like per contact notification settings offered in Hey. Don’t understand why gmail doesn’t allow this natively?

I just switched to Mimestream from Superhuman, a week before the Beta period ended. Very happy so far. $50/yr is fair price to pay for ongoing dev work.

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