Mind Mapping Software Recommendation

Currently, my company is using a very old clunky mind mapping application that is no longer supported and keeps running into issues. I’m looking for some recommendations for possible alternatives.

In terms of the requirements it needs to have the ability to link external files into the mind map, it needs to work with both Mac and PC and it ideally would have collaboration tools built in.

If anyone has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated!

iThoughts is the first one that springs to mind. Personally I prefer MindNode but it doesn’t have a Windows version.

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Here’s an older thread with many good comments and recommendations.

Personally, I’m a long time MindNode user (Mac and iOS)

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I’m not sure if there is a Windows version, but I would avoid iMindMap at all cost. It’s slow as molasses (even on my iMac Pro), crashes often, and is essentially unusable. It’s definitely riding on the fame of Tony Buzan, who may have invented mind mapping. $200 wasted.

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Thanks for the warning!

I also prefer MindNode for its ease of use, but iThoughts is very good (more comprehensive, but also more complicated) and I think it has more professional-looking output options.

If you’re interested in either of those apps I’d recommend against buying from the Mac App Store (one is $40, the other $50) and instead seriously consider a SetApp subscription, which includes iThoughtsX and MindNode as part of the $9.99/month (or $108/yr) price, and includes 100+ Mac apps including some of the best Mac apps currently available for the platform.

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Well one of my favorite categories of software. Thanks for the input that iThoughts is available on SetApp. I think SetApp is The Bomb so much great software and for only $10.00 a month. I actually have purchased MindNode before it was available on SetApp. Just watching a screencast when the familiar voice of @MacSparky starts narrating the YouTube Video LOL.

MindNode is a real workhorse in the Mindmap arena and I do not think nothing is faster from Brain to Computer Screen than this app. Rock solid and fast, but no a visual stunner.

Hence, my process of then taking my MindNode Mind Map, exporting it and then giving it a cosmetic makeover.

I use either iMindMap or Mindjet MindManager. I know @JohnAtl said iMindMap was slow, crashes often and I agree with him and might add locks up, but the variety and beauty of the maps are second to none so I use this High-Maintenance Beauty

Yes, Beauty sometimes has a price to pay. So my process is to use MindNode as my “text editor” for quickly gettings ideas and concepts down without worrying about the tool, then for maps that warrant further investment in beautification I use iMindMap

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So some updates in this area.

Sadly, Tony Buzen passed away from a heart attack.

iMind is frozen at Version 11

iMind was coupled to a Task program called Droptask

Both of these software package life on a cloud base application with offline apps. I like how they interface with the customer base and lets the customers know what has been recently added and what is on the docket


Now I was searching for a way to manage a lot of documents that I created in Excel, WORD and PDF’s and found that Mindmanager from Mindmanger is just amazing for creating a technical Mind map that can emulate your directory tree structure and you can link to the docs anywhere (Your PC or URL) or insert the actual document and has so many features that I am using it on a job that the company runs on the Windows eco system and replaces many applications. Mindmanager is made from company Corel Draw and have been around for decades with tons of free training available to use its vast funcrtionability like Task and Project Management.

Give this software a look as IMHO it is a big winner.


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Thanks @D_Rehak, MindManager looks really good. Not sure how I haven’t run across it before.

I bought iMindMap, but it was so slow and unstable as to be unusable. I could only think that adding DropTask would only make it worse.

@JohnAtl Actually John I had bought it a while ago and never used it much then I was searching for something to manage my documentation and this came up and it was like finding a piece of gold.

All I can say is that their marketing is terrible. If you can combine Ayoa marketing and Mindmanger’s software it would be a winner.

It appears that Mindmanger is written from Germany and has a big European installed base.

There is a wealth of tutorials on YouTube to use the various aspects of their software as the Mindmaps are only a portion and it have great project management functionality.

Give it a look

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