MindNode <---> Reminders, Things Linked

Most MindNode (MN) users are probably aware of the two-way link between MindNode and Reminders. I like to use MN to set up initial larger projects with their tasks and export those to Reminders. I use Reminders to manage, track tasks but I like using a mind map for brainstorming/outlining a project. You can complete the tasks in either application and the results show up in both MN and Reminders.

You can also export to Things. The export to Things is nicer in that the hierarchy of the project is preserved with headers in Things.

Note, however, the subtle difference in language upon export. I’ve tested both Reminders and Things with MN. There is a two-way link with Reminders–complete a task in either application and it shows up in the other. However, when exported to Things, tasks can be completed in Things but there is no corresponding completion in MN and vice versa.

Export to Reminders Screen

Export to Things Screen

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That would be because there’s no way for MindNode to read out of Things - the same limitation exists with the OmniFocus export. It’s unfortunate, but especially with how iOS works it’s understandable.

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It is understandable. This is one of several reasons why I’ve defaulted to Reminders to manage tasks. The newest features have made Reminders perfectly serviceable for my needs with the added benefit of deep system integration. :grinning:

Same reasons made me shift to Reminders.

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