Mobile work and transporting keyboard

Anyone have experience transporting keyboards back and forth from the office?

I’m entering the brave new hybrid work world, and need to use my MX Keys Mini at home and at the office. My preference would be to just throw it in the bag rather than use a protective case (to minimize bulk). However, I’m nervous about the keyboard keys getting smushed in transport (30 min bike ride, keyboard in a pannier with lunch, shoes, etc.) and shortening the lifespan of the keyboard. Anyone have any thoughts or experience they can share?

I have 2 keyboards, 1 for work, 1 for home. I’d recommend that instead of taking 1 keyboard back and forth.


That may not be possible for everyone. Seems like a lot of back to work plans, at least in the U.S., don’t involve keeping a dedicated desk. Anything you bring in, has to come back out, in case someone else uses that desk the next day. Fun.

I can’t vouch for this but it’s supposed to fit your keyboard. Keyboard only is listed at bottom of page.

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Some of the hybrid return to work options do include lockers though. So if that’s available, an option could be to leave a keyboard in the locker at the office assuming you’re always in the same building, even if you’re not always at the same desk. Everyone’s situation is different though.

It’ll be fine unless you have hard items that tend to shift and make themselves or your computer noticeably bulging against the wall of the bag. Lunch and shoes shouldn’t exert that kind of force. Use a wrapper like a bread bag to keep the keys clean.

I asked my better half to make me a soft pouch for my Apple smart keyboard. Weighs next to nothing and while it’s not protective, I slip it into the laptop padded area. No problems.

Got to love our better halves.


I repurposed the soft case of the K780 for the MX Mini. Fits perfect and has sufficient protection. Make sure you switch off the keyboard before travelling.

Only take it for longer trips though, not for commutes. I do take the MX Anywhere mouse with me everywhere I go though.

I carry my Magic Keyboard to and from the office/other workplaces. I have not used a case and just kept the keyboard inside my bag, and so far nothing bad happened - but then I surround the keyboard with soft/squishy things like my jacket. I learned not to place the keyboard next to newspapers - they ended up staining the white keys, but luckily the stain came off easily with alcohol wipes.

I used to use an Apple Magic Keyboard for Mac with a 12 South folio years ago. However I did see a YouTube video from a guy who is a minimalist traveler with an interesting take. He supposedly traveled on a two week European trip using only a single backpack with a MacBook Air, a portable travel stand to bring the MacBook up to full height and a 100% apple Magic keyboard just stuffed in the bad with no case. He had apparently been carrying the keyboard like that for over a year on multiple trips with no issues.

I used the Studio Neat Canopy with a older (lightning) Magic Keyboard. I’m still using the same keyboard but now I don’t bother with a cover. I just toss it in my ancient canvas briefcase and it finds a way to survive. :grinning:

Anybody have recommendations on a travel stand?

What kind of stand? 20 characters.

Looking for a travel stand for a MacBook Pro. Prefer some angle and elevation. Probably won’t bring an external keyboard.

I’ve never bought either of these, so no experience, but these are what I was looking at back a ways for my Air:

I bought this and have been using it for a few months, it’s pretty nice:

However, I don’t think it’s positioned in a way where the laptop keyboard is still ergonomically usable, so it may not work out if you’re not planning to bring an external keyboard.

I have the first one (or at least a similar one from Amazon), which I keep at my cadet units, as it raises the laptop up so it’s better for ergonomics. Does the job and folds down very nicely. For some reason, the MacBook Air seems to be at a slight angle when on it, and I can’t figure out why - either to notice initially, but that goes away

I did have the second one (or at least a similar one from Amazon) and it was awful. Bought during lockdown for a cheap way to try a standing desk. Got rid of it recently on Freecycle!

I bought a bunch of these for myself, family and coworkers: HyperStand –
And we are thrilled with them.

I use the SF Bags Pro Executive laptop bag and carry an iPad pro, 16 MBP, the stand and a keychron low profile keyboard and never worry have anything getting crushed or damaged. Best Business Laptop Backpack 2022 | WaterField Designs