Move audiobooks from iTune to Books


the idea of having one core repository for books - wether audio or in written form - is great. I do not buy fiction books in digital format, though because I think reading Thomas Mann or Voltaire is just much nicer on paper - but any reference book goes well on the iPad for me ;
However, I do listen to audiobooks while working out, running or traveling in the car longer distances and I have a large collection of these in iTunes which I am trying to transfer to the Book app - without any success :frowning:

I am using

  • Books 1.17

  • itunes

  • Mojave 10.14.3

  • iOS 12.1.4.

There is a menu option on Books “Move books from iTunes” which I have repeatedly tried but the audio books do not show up either in Books on my iMac nor on the iPad or iPhone in the Book App. The menu option is being excepted, it tells me that 100+ books have been transferred but they never show up on any of my devices.

The format of these files is .m4b, which I understand is the iTunes media format for audiobooks.

Is there something I am missing and I cannot transfer these files to the Books app?

Thanks a lot for helping!

On iOS I’m able to see all the audiobooks I bought previously through iTunes and re-download them. Go to Reading Now → Your picture in the top right corner → then audiobooks is listed as an option for me. If you’re trying to transfer files that are only on your computer, I’m not sure how to move it over.

On MacOS, I can go to the iBooks (er, Books) Store and find “Purchased.” It lists all Apple Books purchased but none of the many audio books. I can find them, however, in iTunes. Not a consistent experience across both devices, but it’s all there.

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Thanks for your thoughts and experience - yes, this is not a consistent experience. Sometime Apple takes ages to released something and the next time they release half s product.

By the way, I ma not taking about the audiobooks I have bought via iTunes but those I have added myself. The weird thing is that Books tells me it has transferred the books but then … they are not there :frowning: