MS Teams forget n M1 Mac

Hello - have someone that bought an M1 MacBook Air is using Teams for studying or heavy meetings with camera on? I want to change my MacBook Pro that my daughter use for an M1 since she have complained about the heat multiple times.

Any experiences with this 2?

I can’t talk for it myself, but on another forum I visit, there has been some complaints about Teams not working very well on an M1. It’s already not great on a Mac, and even worse on an M1. Maybe someone here can add more, but you should probably be wary of it.

I use the other Office apps a lot on my M1 and they have been mostly good. Still not Window’s quality good, but good enough for use.

Yes, it is pretty terrible on both Windows and macOS. Resource usage is very high on both platforms. Electron sucks! :pensive:

On Windows, Microsoft Teams is still 32-bit. It’s ridiculous.

Hello - on my work laptop (windows) I do not have any issues with Team or with the Intel MBP that my daughter uses for school, I can’t hear the class and she can see the teacher quite good. The only issue is the heat at the moment that it really gets hot.

My work laptop has the 32bit app installed and keeps telling me to update to the 64bit one. So there must be an update.

Teams isn’t great on Windows, but it works. On a M1, it sounds like it just doesn’t work sometimes though, especially with the camera.

Maybe Microsoft Teams will work properly once it’s optimized for Apple Silicon.

Well sure, but I doubt that is a huge priority for MS. I am sure they will get to it, but the Office apps have never been as good as their Windows counterparts. They are the best they have ever been currently, but they still have a ways to go.

I have a horrible performance and huge battery drain on my intel MacBook Pro. It is horrible and way worse than Zoom. I think it’s borderline unusable, actually. Sadly I have to use it at work.

I have hope. Microsoft Office is optimized for Apple Silicon, not to mention Microsoft Remote Desktop.

I’ve got an M1 MacBook Air and use Teams for video calls pretty much eight hours a day, five days a week. It works really well. Particularly in comparison to the Intel MBA I was using previously; on that, Teams was absolutely horrendous (the fan would be going at full-tilt all day long). On an M1 MBA it’s radically better.

Having said that, Teams is a terrible application in general and is a resource hog. But as to the question of whether it’s a noticeable performance improvement on an M1, absolutely yes.

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I use Teams daily and have no issues at all.

When I’m on a video call, I’m just under 25% CPU usage on the M1 Mac. Here’s today’s graph from iStat Menus.

Most of that would be Teams, though I also use Word, Outlook and Excel.

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Another Teams user on M1 MBP. I’ve not noticed any issues at all, including during some recent weekend work where I spent hours on an audio call just using the built in microphone and speakers, which was way better than fiddling endlessly with a headset cord that gets in the way.


Yet another MacBook Air M1 Teams User both on my University and Law Firm, so it’s all-day use. No problems at all.

In fact, it’s far superior to my previous Intel experience in all aspects. Even though the app is still not optimized to Apple Silicon.

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I’m an IT consultant and I use MS Teams and Zoom meetings all day long. I have an M1 MacBook Air 8 core 16gb. I have my laptop connected to a a Caldigit TS3 Plus dock using TB3 cable from. All my peripherals including 34 inch monitor, external microphone, camera, speakers, and two external hard drives are connected to the TS3 Plus.

As for Teams, the main complaint I have is that I can’t have multiple windows open logged into separate accounts. My company uses Teams for our internal meeting and project communication. My client uses Teams for their internal communication. I have a login with my client’s Teams in order to use message back and forth. The only solution I have is to have Teams open using a browser logged into the web version of teams. This works ok, but it’s not ideal.

Overall Teams is ok, but has limitations. I don’t think those limitations are Mac specific, because I would face the same issues on a windows machine.

Somewhat related, I’ve been having issues with the Caldigit TS3 Plus doc. As I stated above, I have been using a single cable setup so that I can quickly disconnect and take my laptop to another room to work periodically. However, I’ve been having issues where when I’m on a Teams or Zoom call, The dock disconnects randomly and the only way I can reconnect is to unplug and re-plug the cable. Sometimes, I’m actually forced to reboot the Mac or cycle the dock. This also drops my Teams or Zoom call connection. Very frustrating when in an important meeting with the client. Anyone else have issues with the Caldigit Dock?

Thank you all for your reply. I got the information I need. Will replace my current one for the new M1 Air

I’m using the same dock with my Intel 16" MacBook. I’ve not had the issues you’re describing when using Teams and Zoom and the computer is docked.

I’ve not had the issues described by the original poster either. As I recall early on with Teams whenever the GPU was being used in a video call, I’d hear the fans, but there was never any overheating.

I still hear the fans if I use Teams in a browser window (Edge). But apparently an update to the program changed the behavior in video calls in the app and it’s quiet now. I’ve not recently tried a video call in a browser so I don’t know about that these days.

I ended up giving up on running video through the dock. I have a a T3 cable from laptop to the doc, and a USBC cable from laptop to monitor, and that solved all my problems. The dock is great at handling all of the peripherals except the monitor.

I use Teams on a M1 Air and no issues at all. Even plugins for third party appications have all worked for me so far.

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Same here.

Teams on m1 is far far better than it was on my 9 month old MacBook Pro 16.

I use it most days.

  • It works
  • Teams sucks
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