My 12.9 iPad Homescreen


I’ve adopted the hybrid “put it all in the dock” model. All of my apps that I use for multi-tasking are in the dock (or in the folder in the dock). As @MacSparky and others have pointed out, this enables easy multi-tasking.

My home screen includes the other apps that I use throughout the day that I don’t typically need in a multi-tasking mode.

A few comments…

Reeder… I still love RSS. I’ve tried many (all?) RSS apps and keep going back to Reeder
forScore… Super app for musicians (or wannabe’s like myself)
Meeting… workflow coupled with Drafts for meeting notes capture. Super handy and used throughout the day. I need to post separately about that in the Workflows category.

Mail and Outlook… why 2 mail clients? I split work from personal. The Outlook mail client is surprisingly good.
GoodNotes… a recurring theme for me. I’ve tried most [fill in the blank for the category] apps! This includes free form note taking apps. There are many good choices. I always come back to GoodNotes given the simplicity, smooth inking, and auto character recognition.

— jay

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I’d love to hear more about that Meeting workflow. Have you posted any more about it?

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I posted a summary in the Cool Workflows topic.