My blog post on UpNote

Hope it is ok to share this here.

Anyone else here enjoy using UpNote?


I like it, but I am not yet properly integrating it into my work flow. I know that @fuzzygel is a big fan.

Great blog post



I am certainly a fan of Upnote. The web clipper is good enough for me. The best part is it is cross platform, Mac, Windows, Linux, Andriod, iOS, etc. The sync is amazing fast and reliable

The secret web link is also great , works even for people with no Upnote installed. One thing I am asking the developer to improve is the secret link to the folder and all the files under it. Then we do not have to create a new web link every time is new note is written


Import from Evernote has been flawless. Sync……can we talk about sync? It’s instant and amazed that this young app/small team has SPANKED a long time app like EN and Apple Notes.

Very very very happy making the switch.


I’m also a huge fan of UpNote at this point. The more I use it, the more I like it.

In addition to features already mentioned, I also use it as a simple “weekly planner” for work projects. I do this by taking advantage of collapsible sections (so it’s easy to focus on only 1 day in the week) and task lists. In addition it’s super easy to set up “templates” for new notes in UpNote. So … new week … press for new week planner template to get going.


I really need to get a grip of this app. Even as a minimalist user, worth every penny


I’m another happy user of UpNote. I’ve been using it for about a year (imported about 2,000 notes from Evernote) and I like it more all the time. Collapsible sections within a note and the ability to place a note into more than one folder are some features that I find really useful. Plus it’s fast to sync.


… and when UpNote syncs it isn’t using CloudKit!

Just moved 1400+ files selectively from Evernote ENEX files (created simply for the purpose of finding a better notes app) and Bear. RTF/RTFD seems to work the best for transfer. “Selective” meaning I haven’t moved many PDF’s, because they have to be opened to view.

I had tried Upnote before, and this time, I don’t want to be so picky. I just found templates; I’m going to use them for my daily journal. Also found collapsible sections and I realized that I can move sensitive files to a “locked” notebook. I wish I could use iOS passcode feature for locked notebooks on desktop. Desktop has to use the login password for unlock, which means a trip to Keychain Access.

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AFAIK, Upnote is using Google Firebase for sync, it just works and is instantaneous… unlike icloud

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If I remember correctly, templates are a recently added feature (the developer updates UpNote fairly often). I like collapsible sections so much that I couldn’t go back to Evernote for that reason alone. UpNote does an excellent job of importing Evernote files (in case anyone is thinking about making the change).

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Is there some place that you can find your notes on a local device, for example, your Mac? Sounds like the answer is NO as everything seems like it is going up to UpNote’s server and coming back down again, probably stored in a database (as opposed to separately named files visible in a Finder window).

All my notes are stored here:

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Wish UpNote had OCR within PDF like Evernote. A feature I use quite a bit to search for receipts and scannable documents.


That looks like the same CloudKit location (with name adjusted for each app) used by NotePlan for its local notes. And NotePlan syncs via CloudKit. Hmm …

I don’t know how it syncs. I just know where info is stored. And that sync is very quick … and perhaps more importantly very reliable. I’m always going between laptop and phone. Sometimes the sync does not happen right away, but always within a few seconds.

Sounds like the syncing performance of NotePlan.

NotePlan explicitly offers two ways to sync: CloudKit (recommended) or iCloud Drive. Does UpNote offer a choice or specify how they actually do it?

As far as I can see no choice is offered. The app is “free” but is limited in terms of how many notes you can create and in terms of some features. I’d suggest downloading and trying yourself. At any rate you can then email the developers. Or email them at:

Yes, exactly! Should have specified that.

I’m firmly in the NotePlan app corner, but where data is stored and how it is sync’d has been one of the basic questions on this forum for any new offering. I’m surprised new users and proponents don’t have that answer.