My blog post on UpNote

Not sure why you’d be surprised. It seems that when people initiate these issues it’s because they don’t feel app X syncs well or fast enough. Or there are security issues. But for those that have not experienced any downsides with specific apps: why bring it up?

I realize this may be interesting to those who like to nitpick, or those who’ve had less than steller experiences. I get it. But I personally have no motivation to be an UpNote fanboy or fangirl. It syncs well for me, it provides the security I want. Why would I waste my time bringing that up in a forum? I don’t have enough time in the day as is. On the other hand … if a tool I’m using is not working well then I’m very interested in solutions, workarounds, or alternatives.

BTW I love NotePlan. But my work life has changed, and I no longer need the level of detail NotePlan provides. But I sure wish it was around 10+ years ago!

can’t stand the interface, the visible markdown syntax and sluggishness of NotePlan. Functionality is great, but I don’t need all that power.

Markdown syntax is only visible when your cursor is near (else how would you edit?). No sluggishess in the NotePlan app that I use.


I finally gave up on Obsidian (its search is so astonishingly terrible) and was part way through moving back to Apple Notes (which I love almost everything about except the lock-in).

Now I have to try upnote, harumph! :rofl:


I actually switched to Logseq due to certain limitations with UpNote.

I find Obsidian search pretty good and where it falls down I use Spotlight or houdahspot. And I’m thinking about indexing my Obsidian vault with DevonThink–even better search!

The best note taking app that you haven’t heard of …

For 12 days.


Loving UpNote and am 80% through with pruning and migrating off Evernote.

Looked nice. But, no Hook integration. Developers wanted to see is there was more requests for Hook integration.

Evernote is rumored to be announcing another hefty increase in its subscription (seems almost 100%). I hope this gives Upnote more visibility.


I was on the wave of people who left Bear (because of it’s very slow development and lack of updates) and it’s seems that many people chose the UpNote as a replacement for Bear, but for me the UI is so “cross platform” and utilitarian, so I settled on Apple Notes, at least until Bear 2.0. But the features/price combination of UpNote seems very good

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@NiranS I just submitted a request. Certainly doesn’t hurt to have further integration.

I understand why integration with Hookmark would be desired. But … UpNote offers it’s own linking system: both regular links to a note, and deep links to specific portions of a note. I use those UpNote links all the time.

Hookmark has just confirmed they will look into integrating with UpNote.

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Someone is finally posting a series of tutorials about UpNote on Youtube. He’s a new YouTuber and he seems pretty good; so far, he’s posted four tutorials but he’s planning to post more. I found out about him in an email from Francesco D’Alessio.

It’s been hard to find UpNote tutorials. Here’s a link. Effective Faith - YouTube


Yep, does a good job and already following. Cheers!

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Hookmark has been a surprisingly necessary part of my workflow. I use it glue together information between applications. I stitch together information between mail, things, obsidian, devonthink(also has its own robust linking system). Inter-application linking is critical.

Do Upnote links work outside of Upnote(DevonThink links can do this) ? Can I access a specific note via a link in another note application ?

Understood. Hookmark is wonderful for just that reason. And: Yes! UpNote links work outside of UpNote. I use those links all the time within OmniFocus, Bike, and several other apps. UpNote links to a note, as well as links to a specific section within a note, work outside of UpNote. If UpNote is not active the link will startup UpNote and go to the relevant location.

I let Hookmark know about UpNote. Since UpNote already has a linking system in place I’m guessing Hookmark will work with it fairly soon (within the next month). More and more apps are creating linking systems in their apps including Bookends (reference app), Bike, DevonThink, and more.

It is more “elegant” to always use one shortcut (control-H) across applications … but right-click then copy-link is fine for me in UpNote for right now. I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to use control-H in UpNote fairly soon.


No E2E is a big problem for me.

This looks like it would be such a nice alternative to Evernote if it could ocr/search within PDFs. Alas

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I doubt the upnote can ocr pdf yet, may be on the development road map