My blog post on UpNote

UpNote only provides links for added PDF’s. I just figured out an alternative; export each page as a jpeg. Crude, but it works for me.

Worth noting that the Omnisearch plugin for Obsidian is a brilliant replacement for Obsidian’s built-in search.

Omnisearch does proper full-text search, and optionally enables image search (via OCR) and PDF indexing.


The only think I hope the dev releases is the ⌘ + K or ⌘ + O functionality. Like the Command Palette in Obsidian or VS Code. To open/search notes. Searching notes isn’t a great experience right now. 6/10 on that. But overall, 8.5/10!

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They haven’t pushed any major updates in a while, but I do appreciate how fast and responsive it still is. My only hesitation is the limitations around media: images get downscaled and there’s no video support at all.

I’m curious to hear from regular UpNote users - how’s the experience been for those relying on it as your main notes app? Do you plan to stay with it as your daily driver?

Users should be aware that UpNote’s syncing is not E2EE, so they can decrypt and read your data if they ever decide to do so. The same is true of OneNote and G Docs, of course, but unlike Microsoft and Google, I don’t know anything about UpNote’s dev team and ownership.


While there haven’t been major updates, the dev continuously sends out QoL changes. I have been very pleased with UpNote since transitioning from Evernote. The app is solid and sync is perfect while being stupid fast.

There are some odd UI elements, but overall, am happy having made the jump.

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I’ve switched to Agenda. I just don’t like Electron apps on a Mac, and I’ve even stopped using Spark, too (3 (Electron) and 2 (native)), even though I paid for a year’s subscription. I can use Yoink and Apple Mail if I want to attach an email to a note in Agenda for reference.

In general, I hate electron apps as well. The electron part has not bothered me about UpNote. It works well and is very fast.

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